• My Dog Jacob

    HyperPet Slingshot Pig

    Hyper Pet Flying Series Slingshot Toys…Thumb released slingshot dog toy with squeaker

    • Made with durable ballistic material
    • Bungy neck launches toy up to 100 feet!
    • Available in several fun animal designs, colors and sizes
    • Meets or exceeds child toy safety standards
    • Floats in water for summertime fun!

    As you all know Jacob loves his soft toys. He has never been a real fan of Kongs or other Rubber toys – But he surely loves to run and play.  When we got this HyperPet Slingshot Pig, we were excited to test it out.  We got the mini flying pig in green.  Here is the first look.

    After one day, some pulling and tugging, the Slingshot Pig got a little stressed out.  I couldn’t sling it properly because I don’t know how but we were able to Nerf ball it. Then that scared Jacob when it hit the wall and he didn’t love it.  The piggy got gutted shortly after that. 1 point for Jacob, 0 points for the Slingshot pig.

    Maybe a great toy for a Border Collie or a water dog?

    We rate this toy 3 out of 5 bones