• New York

    Vacuum Fried Vegetables

    One of my passions is food. I love to go to the grocery store and buy cool new items to try them. Today I got this Vacuum Fried Vegetable snack and it is suppose to be a wonderful potato medley of taro, potato and purple yam.

    For almost $4, this is what I got. I am totally appalled.

    So first it came in this ‘resealable’ bag you see on the right. When you open it, there is another inner bag – the small white one. I could not believe that 2/3 of the bag was actually air.

    There was maybe 40 pcs in there total which doesn’t even equal the size of one measly potato that cost about 15 cents.

    I actually counted them and the end up costing 10 cents a piece almost. And they don’t even taste like the amazing airy ones from Trader Joe’s. ┬áNever again.

    Here are the ingredients if you care. Blah to this snack adventure fail :/