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    Sole Fresco…#Fresh

    Hope everyone had a fresh Memorial Day weekend!

     Mines was ok i actually jus chilled so i didnt do anything really. Felt good actually to just lay back and refresh :). IN ANYCASE!!! If your a Trueeeee Sneaker HEAD! then you know of the hottest places to grab the EXCLUSIVES! Personally one of my favorite sneaker stores is located in New York,NY  its called Traning Camp. The address 1079 6th Avenue New York, NY 10018 and the phone number is 212-921-4430. My fam works there and everytime i go they show love, its a dope store also, so check it out if your on the east coast ;)…

    But on to some Austin TX ish that has the SAME quality of Sneakers if NOT better! Its a little best kept secret called no other than Sole Fresco :).

     This may look like your average hole in the wall tenny spot, but peep the inside below!

    As you can see the quality and upscale look inside the store lets you KNOW, you are officially in a EXCLUSIVE  situation, thay have Retro’s on RETRO’S!!! They also have great quality retro and hot apparrel as well.

    Anytime your in town and feel like throwin on some Cool Greys or just some flatout retros at a good price, be sure to stop in Sole Fresco here in Austin…BOOYAH!


    Downtown Austin
    516 East 6th. Street Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 474-9797