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    88DOF x Bahia Watson

    Ever since seeing 88 Days Of Fortune perform at Droppin’ Knowledge, I’ve been hooked. They had another event at loft 404- the ambrosia hub; featuring Bahia Watson, and it was F-AWESOME! I didn’t know who Bahia Watson was before Friday night, but after her performance; I will never ever forget her.

    Thank you so much to the 88DOF family for sharing their incredible talents with us, and for treating us to another wonderful evening.

    peace and love


     If you don’t know about 88 Days Of Fortune, you better ask somebody and get familiar!
    **update** At the artists’ request, the videos have been taken down, as it takes away from the value of the life performance. Sorry guys 🙁
  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    It’s DK ALL DAY


    Droppin Knowledge have consistently treated us to some good hip hop… or rather good music period. The August installment of Droppin’ Knowledge took place this past Friday, at the Rivoli; and it was LIVE.


    Jelly, 88 Days of Fortune, Jake Bluez, P.Harris + Switch B aka ‘Toronto Stars’; all gave us some serious musical goodness, and totally left me wanting more.

    watch part two here

    There was a good amount of boppin’, smiling, laughing, singing along, sprinkled with several moments of awe. It’s safe to say everybody had a good time.

    watch part one here

    Even though I couldn’t get ‘down’ as much as I wanted to, cause I had to keep the camera steady; I had an awesome time regardless. Moments like these make me feel proud, and even privileged to live in a city that offers music like this…and it’s right at my door step! Toronto Yes.

    It was definitely a sight to see people doing what they love to do, and having fun while they’re doing it!  A big THANK YOU to Droppin’ Knowledge for delivering more than what they promised, and to all the artists for giving their 100% and giving us a great show.

    peace and love