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    Summer Premiere: The Amazing Spiderman with @AndrewGarfield and @EmmaJStone


    In my family there is only one person who is seriously obsessed with Spiderman,my brother. As soon as he found out that the new Spiderman was coming out he wanted to go see it.  About a week ago the corresponding video game came out and he just had to have it, so you can imagine just how bad he wanted to see the actual movie.


    I’ll admit I wasn’t as excited as he was to see the movies but I now realize I should have been. This movie is THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. Now, I’ve seen a lot of good movies but this one, had a bit of everything; it had humor, romance, and action. There was even some emotional parts. I found myself crying through some of the movie and I had my share of laughs too.

    I must admit, this version is 10 times more entertaining than the past 3 Spiderman movies . While the drama in those 3 movies were extremely intense this movie felt more developed, more modern, and more creative than the others. It wasn’t just super-hero against super-villian drama. One thing I will say is that it was a bit confusing at parts making this movie a bit less kid friendly. But to be honest all the kids really want to see is the swinging around and the action.

    The actors did a great job as well. Andrew Garfeild could not have done a better job with the role of spiderman. The way he showcased his emotions throughout the movie were excellent. He displayed them just as a nerdy high-school boy with a crush would have. As for Emma Stone, she also did an amazing job playing the preppy,nerdy, sophisticated, girl she was in the movie. The pressures put on her in the movie were quite extreme as the girl-friend of Spiderman .But she ,also, could not have done a better job. The characters’ personalities were really thought through with made the movie more believable . As if you could feel the same emotions as the characters did.

    There was just one thing I was really disappointed by. SPOILER ALLERT!! The ending was not what I envisioned. The girl and the boy don’t end up together, which really makes me sad because they were so cute together. Other than that little detail, I LOVED IT! I would even go see it again! I give this movie 5/5 stars.