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    Here’s To A Healthy, Happy Summer: Start Your Detox Now!

    In the summer we want to look and feel our best. If you’re looking forward to exotic holidays, weddings or some well-earned time off, now is a good time to start your summer detox. It’s time to focus on getting fit, eating well and battling any demons that have been holding you back.


    Getting into shape

    Most of us panic when summer arrives and start exercising to get the perfect beach body. But exercise is much more than a means of getting your bikini physique on point. It has really important benefits for your physical and mental health. Have you been feeling stressed at work lately or have you been worrying about exams? Are you struggling to sleep at night? If so, exercise will help. When you engage in physical activity, it distracts your mind and releases tension. Your body also produces endorphins (happy hormones) and serotonin levels increase. If you’re new to exercise, you don’t have to become a gym bunny overnight. Go for a jog on the beach after work or play tennis. Pay the local pool a visit or take up dancing, spinning, or rock climbing. As long as your heart’s pumping, you’ll soon reap the rewards.

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    Battling those demons

    Do you feel like there’s something holding you back? Are you stressed or anxious all the time? Do you have a secret addiction to alcohol or are you easily lead at parties? The sooner you confront any problems you have, the better. The more you dwell on things, the worse the situation becomes. If you drink too much, or you’re worried about becoming addicted to cannabis or pills, seek help now. Often, talking therapies like those used at drug rehab centers can be incredibly effective. They can help you to pinpoint the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing. Are you trying to fit in with a crowd? Do you fear that you won’t be accepted? Or are you trying to escape from issues that affect you on a daily basis? Your doctor should be your first port of call if you’re concerned about your behavior or you’re feeling down or anxious. It’s also helpful to confide in a close friend or a relative. Talking about problems can make them less of a burden.

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    Eating well

    Your diet can make an incredible difference to your health and wellbeing. Eating the right foods ensures that your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs. A balanced diet will also make you feel energized and help you to sleep better and fight off illnesses and infections. A good diet should include all the major food groups. Aim for at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Limit your intake of sugar, saturated fat, and salt. Try and cook at home when you can. Fast food is packed full of unhealthy fats, and it has usually has little nutritional value. Remember to drink plenty of water, especially on hot days. If you’re dehydrated, you’ll get headaches, and your skin will become dry and flaky.

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    Being healthy is not all about looking fabulous on the beach. If you’re looking forward to a healthy, happy summer, now is the time to focus on your body and your mind. Exercise regularly, eat well and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling with depression, anxiety or addiction.