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    The Tanee, an innovative, new beauty product is getting noticed by the sun care industry for opening up an entire new category: the tan line corrector. The specially formulated Tanee pen will disguise unwanted tan lines in a unique, innovative way. The user-friendly delivery system – the pen – is both accurate and unrivaled, leaves sun worshipers with a flawless, uniform look that naturally fades with the existing sun tan.

    Wear what you want, when you want to!!!  Don’t ignore your favorite outfit or that awesome tube top for fear of embarrassing tan lines.  Tanee lets you show off your perfect tan worry free!!  The Tanee pen is as easy to use as coloring in-between the lines. Multiple applications help you reach your desired color, blending with most skin tones to create a flawless, natural look. Tanee’s precise, no‐mess applicator covers tan lines perfectly while keeping hands and fingers clean. The all-natural formula does not rub off on clothes or while sweating, leaving little to worry about except which outfit will best show off your tan. The compact size of the Tanee pen makes it portable and convenient, whether you are heading to a local beach or flying off to an exotic tropical island.

    Driven by innovation, the Tanee is a revolutionary 2-in-1 bronzer and sunless tanning liquid in a compact cosmetic pen. With just a fewsimple strokes, Tanee camouflages the obvious tan lines, streaks and spots, covering even the biggest tanning blunders. Priced at $5.99, Tanee is available at Bed Bath & Beyond as well as drugstore.com and will be hitting additional mass market retail stores just in time for the tanning season. With its great price and superior quality, the pen makes a great gift for all your beach buddies. Tanee is sure to become a trusted and essential weapon in your arsenal, tackling any tanning faux pas and bringing tan repair to skin where the sun didn’t shine.

    “We are extremely excited to introduce this innovative, superior product to the market. Incorporating the finest ingredients with thenewest technology available, tan lines and tanning blunders can now be a thing of the past,” said Sara Frankel, The Tanee Company’s Creative Director, “Tanee is sure to be the hot, new item in everyone’s makeup or beach bag.”


    For additional information visit: www.thetanee.com