• New York


    I got a fresh surprise in the mail last week!  This has 2 pouring systems, one as a spout and one as a pitcher. So cool.

    I have always used water filtration systems. I grew up with Britas around the house but nothing blew my mind until I tried ZeroWater.  This is a very special water pitcher that will change the way you view water forever. ZeroWater water filter pitchers make practical, meaningful gifts (especially for housewarming!). There are 3 sizes depending on your household: the 23-Cup dispenser, 10-Cup and 8-Cup pitchers. Since it is just me and my dog, I got the 8 cup one!

    They are different from conventional water filter pitchers as ZeroWater water filter pitchers remove virtually all contaminants from tap water. A TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids, or contaminants) is included with every product and will always measure ZeroWater’s filtered water at “000.” ZeroWater filter pitchers filter for contaminants such as Lead, Fluoride, Copper and chromium-6 (a carcinogen), among others and is just as effective as reverse osmosis systems, which can be more expensive.  It also comes with a TDS meter. I tried the tap water, it was at 033.  I only wanna drink 000 water from now on!

    More info on www.zerowater.com


    And if you want to see an old vid of a lil Brooklyn drinking water… —> DSCF7117