• New York

    Mix and Match with @StyleByMixtress

    Newbee blogger Steph, also known as the Mixtress, takes expensive and affordable and makes it adorable! With an eye for style, Steph mixes price tags and matches trends to serve as a style-guide for everyone. “All fashion, high or low priced, can be drool worthy, it’s all about how you rock it, darlings.”

    [[Joseph Red Stretch Trousers. $$$$, Intermix. Vince Black Crochet Knit Sweater, $$$, Bergdorfs. Ikat Scarf, $, Urban Outfitters. Black Shearling Jacket with Leather Sleeves, $$$$$, Maje. Black Beaded Bracelets, $$, Jewlery by Paula in Brooklyn, NY. Black Chanel Studded Purse on Chain, $$$$$, Chanel. Black Leather Peep Toe Wedges, $$, Zara. Black Cat Eye Sunglasses, $14, Urban Outfitters.]]

    Check out her blog, stylebymixtress.com, and “Like” her on Facebook!