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    Excited for F.O.A.M Festival

    DJ M.O.S. (New York, Miami) headlines the inaugural event and DJ Tom Wrecks (Toronto) and DJ/drum crew CrashDex (Toronto) have been invited to lend their homegrown talent to the musical stage.

    A carefully-crafted list of emerging and established Toronto artists have been invited to create art installations using recycled and discarded materials, supporting Evergreen’s policy to promote and encourage sustainability. Artists will manipulate the Brick Works using sound, space and light, working within a theme aptly titled “Construct/Deconstruct”.

    FOAM is held in support of motionball, a not-for-profit that introduces the next generation of supporters to the Special Olympics Canada movement through social and sporting events. To date, motionball has donated more than $2.7 million to Special Olympics Canada.

    I’m going! Are you going???
    Tickets are $35, get yours here!

    See you there!

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    Canada Blooms 2011

    Canada Blooms 2011 is here, and it’s just in time as the weather slowly becomes warmer and warmer. As many of you know, it’s already spring in my head, and I’m pretty much convinced it’s summer by the time May rolls around, so  with that being said; what better way to celebrate this wonderful occasion of warmer weather, than to go to Canada Blooms 2011! After the press conference, I chowed down on the rest of my danish..es and then made my rounds of the hall. There were so many amazing displays, and the air in the air was sooooo FRESH from all the oxygen that those plants were pumping into the air.
    Here are some of my favourite displays.


    @JullyBlack’s Juno Rocks Garden

    Wicked Gourmet was there serving us some tasty samples!

    If you haven’t gone to check out Canada Blooms yet well… you MUST, it really is a lovely and refreshing experience. Ticket info etc, over here.
    Thank you so much to Michelle from Enterprise Canada for inviting me.

    peace, love and health


    I love Spring… I kinda wish I had a garden so that I could plant all kinds of beautiful flowers and plants… oh the life!

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    LUMINATO Press Conference and Concert

    Dublin to Dehli! I heart you guys… for real. If you’ve never seen these guys perform, you MUST.

    I had the pleasure of attending the LUMINATO press conference and concert at the Roy Thomson Hall, yesterday morning. I also had the priviledge of interviewing the CEO of LUMINATO, Janice Price, and her team. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the CEO OF LUMINATO is a woman.

    Janice Price (CEO-LUMINATO) and I

    Where I come from women don’t normally hold the position of CEO, as some corporations still believe it’s a “man’s world”; thank goodness things are starting to change for the better with more women becoming CEOs of major corporations. I say this because I’m always excited when I meet women that are doing amazing things with their careers and breaking stereotypes or “rules” that have been placed on women. So to meet a “Madame CEO” that’s doing big things; well that just about makes my day.

    Chris Lorway (Artistic Director- LUMINATO) and I

    looked so good…

    Jessica Dargo Caplan – Director of Education and Community Outreach and I

    Dehli to Dublin was there to give us some of that feel good music, and it definitely wasn’t what I expected. I was totally BLOWN AWAY by this band. I was so blown away, that after their performance I insisted that I become a member of the band. I hope they know that I took those smiles, nods and even a yes as confirmation that I am now a band member. I’m just playing… but really.

    George Sawa – He said, “I thought you were going to start taking pictures of me, but you’re only taking pictures of food!” ha ha

    Jason Mason, Peter J Merrick, and Irwin Duncan

    Peter J Merrick- President of MerrickWealth

    I’m so grateful to Festivals in Toronto for giving me the opportunity to interview this amazing woman, as well as get to know some members of her brilliant team! Rocky, Ryan, Robert; you guys are an amazing camera crew, I felt like a total PRO! Ha ha. NicholasIrwin and Jason, Thank you so much. Thanks to Gerard (event coordinator RTH) for your wonderful hospitality.

    I can’t wait for LUMINATO 2011!

    peace, love and health