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    A night with COURVOISIER


    mmm the XO was my fave!

    I attended an intimate Courvoisier Cognac tasting event, at barchef last Thursday. Global Courvoisier Brand Ambassador, Pierre Szersnovicz and his wife, were there to guide us through the tasting, as well as give us the 4-1-1 on Courvoisier.


    Pierre, myself and his lovely wife.

    There was lots of Courvoisier, food, and laughter. Yes, it was definitely a fun night.

    Thank you so much to Courvoisier, and the Praxispr for inviting us!

    peace and love


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    From Exams to Wine Tasting

    One minute I was writing a marketing exam, and the next, I was steady sipping on many good california wines. I stuck to whites for the sake of not overloading myself with wine on an empty stomach, and found many that I enjoyed. I tried a Zinfandel that I liked, but then again I’ve always Zinfandels are easy to drink.

    I’m slowly learning more about wine, and what kinds of wines I like. I used to love really sweet whites, but realized that they only gave me the worst headaches, so I’ve switched to semi-sweet whites, and remain loyal to a rose, and a good Gewürztraminer. Happy to add more California wines to my list!

    “Committed to producing the finest quality wines and grapes, the California wine industry has become a world leader in sustainable wine growing practices.”-CalWines.ca

    Wining and Dining doesn’t have to be so serious. Yes, to fun labels and good wine.


    Semi scary labels and good wine are great too…

    Thank you so much to California Wines Canada and Michele for inviting me to this event; it was just what I needed after an exam and a long week.

    peace, love and health