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    Top 5 Moments @TheMakeUpShow

    The Makeup Show is just around the corner and if you have never been – here are my top 5 moments from the Make Up Show LA ’10 and NY ’11.

    So MUCH fun and one of the best places to discover new brands.

    5. Meeting your favorite beauty entrepreneurs!  At the Make Up Show LA, I met David Klasfeld – the founder of OCC make up

    4. Hello! Liptar for days!  This is so revolutionary – a lipgloss + stain + lipstick + amazingness + vegan. There are always great discounts for products you love and you can try all those new colors at insider prices. I had to pick up a few of these OCC Liptars at the Make Up Show NYC

    3. Meeting Youtube Beauty Gurus! I met Elessa from PurseBuzz! Totally love her 🙂 The internet connects people!

    2. Connections with industry friends! A leopard never changes its spots… Here I am with photographer Justin Bridges from Tuckedllc. These are glitter tattoos from @xotic_eyes

    1. The best thing about the Make Up Show is being inspired to DO YOU! Great make up creatives and everyone is pushing their own boundaries. I love meeting people at this show and there is no shortage of beauty at all!

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    The Makeup Show NYC Day 1

    My favorite thing about the make up community that it is creative, dynamic and filled with beautiful people who don’t give a $(%*.  Expression is in everything they do, they way the move, the things they say and the way they live.  Artist are not defined by what they do but who they are. They live an artful life.  That is why I am so drawn to being around them. That’s why their energy makes me so happy. It was buzzing at the Metropolitan Pavilion on this rainy Sunday.

    I wore a faux turban, OCC LipTar in Lo-Fi, Make Up For Ever Flash Palette Silver, Lashes from Nigels and Inglot Cream Eyeliner in Black. If the screen was scratch and sniff, you will know I wore Harajuku Sunshine Cuties in Gwen.

    I love these 2 girls! Check her J.Campbells. Love love love

    Asian girl with dreadlocks. dope

    Michela Wariebi @thelmasvanity

    Ran into Melissa Shum of CoverFX

    Lauren, Miss Queen of Blending!

    Girls just love to have fun


    A leopard cannot change its spots! Thanks @xotic_eyes

    Bamboo Brushes

    @Danessa Myricks of www.Imakeyoubeautiful.com

    The boys of Signature Hits Mag

    Team Purse Buzz!

    More coming tomorrow, see you @theMakeUpShow

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    The Make Up Show NYC

    The Make Up Show is this weekend! Get your tickets here: http://themakeupshow.com

    Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers gathered today to hear from James Vincent. Look at all these cuties!

    I met Miss Purse Buzz! Love her!

    Justin Bridges of www.tuckedstyle.com

    Can’t wait to see all the innovative new products this weekend!

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    (NY) ProKeds S/S11 Preview

    My girl Aisha is so super connected and I love her! She invited me to the ProKeds Preview party last night on 76 Orchard St and it was an evening of streetwear bloggers, fashion fanatics and everyone who wants to mingle amongst them. I went down with Joey and it was a delightful evening with fresh fly sneakers and boys who love them.
    Open bar of red + white wine, Red Stripe and TsingTao with a crowd to match! Jamaican beer and Chinese beer is always a recipe for a good time. There was also cod fish coquettes, jerk chicken wings and baby beef patties. Yum.

    Carrie Koscal of The Foundation (brand incubation + pr)
    um hi, i love your squirrel sweater
    cutest in charge! that’s how we roll!

    me and @kajeki

    Find out more about ProKed at www.keds.com
    PRO-Keds Sneakers – Since 1949. Shop Athletic Heritage & Royal Lifestyle canvas and leather shoes.

    Same event, different pov here: www.Joeyng.com and www.tuckedllc.com
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