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    Open the summer closet with Melissa Shoes!

    The most happy thing happens to me recently is the summer is right here! I unpacked my summer-dresses storage, and hang them all on closet. However, I guess every girl has the same feeling which is there are so many dresses and shoes in front of me, but I don’t know what to wear. Maybe this is also the time shopping for new summer-styles. I got a new pair of Melissa Shoes which is super cute. I love it, it could match a lot of different outfit styles.


    Melissa Cosmopolitan

    SALE $155.00

    Sporty and urban get together in Cosmopolitan, a new sandal full of fashion references, but with personality. The tratore sole contrasts with the fine X vamp, complemented by the closing in the back for a perfect fit. In the color chart, monochromatic and bicolor options are perfect for all styles. A new Melissa classic!

    I got this pair of Melissa from Melissa Shoes + Tumblr’s 10 Yr Annie Party. It was a super fun party with a lot of fashionable people’s attendance. Tumblr threw an opulent dance party at National Sawdust in Brooklyn for New York Fashion Week to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Tumblr’s Head of Culture Content, Valentine Uhovski, briefly took the stage in between DJ sets to talk about Tumblr’s trademark artist and blogger program, with almost 100 of Tumblr’s NYFW alumni past and present in the crowd. Also in attendance were Tumblr Founder and CEO, David Karp, and top models from the agencies who are most active on Tumblr. In partnership with Melissa shoes, all guests were also able to leave with their very own pair from their new collection. Here are some photos about that awesome night credited by Max Lakner/BFA.com.

    I have more recommendations for you about the summer style!

    Melissa Solar + Jason Wu


    A fresh option for sunny days, Solar by Jason Wu gets a modern mood, still under the minimal design which made it a hit. To set the delicate lines, Jason places a fabric bow on the upper, complemented by a metallic detail. The result is lovely!

    Melissa Wonderful + Jason Wu


    Light and graceful, Wonderful reinforces Jason’s creations femininity. In an irregular structure, crossing feet on the upper, this flat mixes modernity and romance, due to its lines full of personality. The bicolor option, in black and rust, are to be one of the favorites.

    Melissa Charlotte + Jason Wu


    Melissa Charlotte is Wu’s brand new design for Melissa. Minimalistic and airy with modern lines, it brings out every women’s femininity. Ideal for Summer!

    SALE $75.00

    We all know that details can make things much more interesting! With that in mind, Melissa Solar with Vivienne Westwood’s signature has two different versions: one with a fig leaf application and the other one with her traditional golden Orb logo.Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Lovely III

    SALE $70.00

    The romantic Melissa Lovely has a different mood in Vivienne’s range. Its bow with a metallic detail makes space for a golden application which simulates a barbed wire. Boldness whenever a new design from Westwood comes out.
    SALE $45.00
    A new design joined the Flower family designed by Herchcovitch. The Harmonic flip-flop now has fascinating 3D flowers – the effect is just incredible!

    SALE $49.00
    This comfortable flat gets delicate roses in five colors, three in solid colors – green, black and beige -, two with duo pink and black. Romantic as usual!
    What are you waiting for? Go to http://shopmelissa.com/ to get your Melissa!
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    Free Your Self

    Found this on Tumblr and found it so inspiring.

    A muslim woman protesting the burka. in some countries, muslim women are raped and beaten for showing even their noses and mouths. in some places, they get their hands chopped off for showing their wrists, or looking at a man.

    Be beautiful however and whoever you are.

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    Tumblr with millionheiress

    Haley, 17, Texas. I’m a Taurus, a coffee fiend, a Marilyn Monroe fanatic, a cat person, and I have to know everything about everything. I like to make fun of shit.

    “There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

    Get on her Tumblr 

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Tumblr with theluxedollhouse

    I’m Sema, Nigerian, Law student, living in Canada, In University in England and I’m a Shopaholic! I love to shop, cook and dance(I suck). Most importantly I love God, he’s always there for me and never lets me down. My family, friends, High heeled shoes, bags, food and criminal minds are my addictions. I’m a girly girl, opinionated, strong willed and educated young woman. The one thing I can’t stand is liars. That being said, I love “tumblr”. Whenever I’m bored or pissed off it keeps me occupied. So, by all means do enjoy my posts and if you don’t like them,please don’t come back.


    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Tiny Tattoos

    Tiny tattoo make a big impact. They are full of stories, emotions and meaning. I found these here. If you have a great tattoo, email them to me! yvonne@Heydoyou.com

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*