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    I went to the press screening of Twilight last night and I would give it 3 outta 5.
    The first 10 mins was so emotional and had me in tears but then it quickly turned into more of an SNL skit to me. Terrible CG and awkward conversation left me going errrrr. The best part was the house in Rio and the “fetus” – “baby” – “possibly” line. ¬†They told us to check our mobile phones but they forgot to tell us to check our common sense at the door too : / Forget EVERYTHING you learned in biology class.

    The audience was excited and there was lots of cheering before and after the movie. The movie doesn’t end when her eyeballs go RED so stay in the theater and watch that extra 5 mins! The only reason I realized this was because I forgot my umbrella.

    Womp womp. You can wait for the DVD.