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    New Beginnings – Jesse Jones

    We are so proud of our good friend Mr. Jesse Jones and want to take this moment to wish him the best of luck with his new endeavours; banner label TEN81 and U-ology 101, his newest initiative for empowering youth.

    Many of us know Jesse from the Marc Ecko Sylus DJ Awards as the man responsible for brand management of three of Timex Group Canada Inc.’s brands; TX, Marc Ecko & Nautica Watches.

    In late 2009 Jesse officially launched a division of the Jones & Jones Group called TEN81, which helps brands truly connect with their consumers through non-traditional strategies involving lifestyle based marketing initiatives. TEN81 is also home to the U-ology 101 Project due to launch February 2011.

    U-ology 101 3 KEYS:

    1: Uncover It
    Study yourself closely to identify all of the things you are passionate about

    2. Talk About It
    Communicate your interests and passions to those who’ve made a career out of what you love

    3. Be About It
    Create opportunities to showcase & refine your talents

    Our love and support goes out to Jesse and all his works, we believe in your passion to become  more and help others to reach their fullest potentials! Cheers to you!

    To book a U-ology 101 presentation contact: