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    Mermaids and unicorns make delightful doodle mashups in CREATE & COLOR!

    From hair to fashion and even to food, mermaid and unicorn inspiration can be found almost everywhere! And now, artists of all ages can add these colorful and fantastical creatures to your creative practice with Walter Foster’s new Create & Color series, available this October: The Mermaid’s Book of Tails and Unique Horns and Unicorns!

    If you’re ready to take your creative talents to imaginative new heights, this book from the Create & Color series is just for you. The Mermaid’s Book of Tails offers tons of drawing, doodling, and coloring prompts and ideas for creating mer-mazing doodle mash-ups. Mix and match the

    characters with a variety of colorful, patterned tails to create a myriad of different merfolk, including:

    • Mer-bots (mermaid + robot)
    • Mer-garoos (mermaid + kangaroo)
    • Mer-kats (mermaid + lion)
    • Mer-osaurs (mermaid + dinosaur)

    If you’re ready to take your creative talents to imaginative new heights, this book from the Create & Color series is just for you. Unique Horns & Unicorns offers tons of drawing, doodling, and coloring prompts and ideas for creating unique unicorn mash-ups. Mix and match the characters with a variety of colorful, patterned horns and manes to create a rainbow of magical unicorn creatures, including:

    • Koala-corns (unicorn + koala)
    • Uni-clucks (unicorn + chicken)
    • Corn-dogs (unicorn + dog)
    • Uni-pigs (unicorn + pig)

    The combinations are endless! Whatever your age or skill level, you will enjoy creating giggle-worthy artwork using a range of mixed media.

    The Create & Color series includes loads of silly creatures to draw, doodle, and mash up in order to create even more fantastical critters. Stretch your creative muscles as you learn to work with crayon, colored pencil, marker, watercolor, and even collage to create outrageously cute drawings. Follow along with the step-by-step projects or design your own silly mash-ups from scratch.

    About the artist:

    Clare Younis is an artist, musician, and educator from Port Campbell, Australia. She studied Creative Arts and Teaching at the University of Melbourne and has spent many years nurturing the imaginations of children, teenagers, and adults living with disabilities. Inspired by both the natural world and the supernatural, Clare combines digital and traditional media to create light-hearted, vibrant illustrations and surface designs. Clare loves singing, cooking, writing, reading, and wandering on the beach with her family.

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    Learn to draw the fundamentals of the human form with The Art of Figure Drawing for Beginners

    Mastering the human form for portraiture is one of the most challenging subjects for a beginning artist to learn. Packed with practical instructions, helpful tips, and fundamental techniques, the comprehensive, The Art of Figure Drawing for Beginners (Walter Foster Publishing / November 3, 2020 / US $21.99) is your essential resource for learning to draw the human form and poses with ease.

    The Art of Figure Drawing for Beginners features instruction for learning how to render the head, body, and extremities using very basic shapes, as well as drawing mannequins placed in a variety of configurations. The book’s informative, easy-to-follow content covers figure drawing essentials, including:

    • An overview of basic anatomy
    • Natural variations in shape, texture, and proportion
    • Helpful techniques for rendering humans in single and group poses
    • Information for working with the tools of the trade.

    Whether you are a beginning artist, art enthusiast, or serious fine art student, The Art of Figure Drawing for Beginners is a must-have reference.

    The Collector’s Series offers approachable, step-by-step art instruction for a variety of mediums and subjects, such as drawing, oil, acrylic, watercolor, cartooning, calligraphy, and more. Perfect for beginning artists, each title features artist tips for drawing or painting anything and everything from people, animals, and still life to flowers, trees, and landscapes.


    By Gecko Keck

    On-Sale Date: November 3, 2020

    $21.99 US · $28.99 CAN · 144 pages · Paperback

    ISBN:  9781633228818

    Walter Foster, an imprint of The Quarto Group

    About the author

    Better known by his pen name, Gecko Keck is a stalwart on the German creative scene. As early as 1989, he founded an agency for caricatures and illustrations and got to know about production as a graphic designer. He has been a freelancer again since 1993, and has created over 5000 design drawings and over 300 models for the popular Kinder surprise eggs.

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    Find inspiration in the everyday with DRAW EVERY LITTLE THING

    Learn to draw and paint
    more than 100 of your favorite everyday items!
    Step-by-step projects and creative inspiration make it fun and easy.

    With Draw Every Little Thing (Walter Foster / October 1, 2019 / US $19.99), the first book in the new Inspired Artist series, you can learn todraw and paint your favorite everyday items. From learning to capture plants, flowers, and bicycles to the neighborhood café and the contents of the kitchen cabinet, this contemporary drawing book demonstrates just how easy it is to render the world around you with little more than a pencil, paper, and paint.

    Following a brief introduction to the joys of simplistic drawing and painting, Draw Every Little Thing familiarizes you with a range of drawingtools and materials, including graphite pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, marker, and gouache, before offering a quick overview of basic color theory. Each subsequent chapter is then devoted to a specific theme—kitchenalia, hobbies, neighborhood haunts, and much more—and packed with simple step-by-step drawing projects.

    This accessible book encourages you to jump around so you can draw what immediately inspires you. Interactive prompts, creative exercises, and inspiring ideas make the process fun and engaging. Easy techniques and helpful instructions show you how to develop your own personal style, as well as add color to your drawings using acrylic, watercolor, and gouache. Crafty projects round out the book, allowing you to use your newfound drawing and painting skills.

    Filled to the brim with whimsical artwork and loads of creative ideas, Draw Every Little Thing encourages artists of all skill levels to draw any time inspiration strikes.

    The Inspired Artist series invites art hobbyists and casual art enthusiasts to have fun learning basic art concepts, relaxing into the creative process to make art in a playful, contemporary style.

    Flora Waycott is an illustrator and artist in Perth, Australia. Her art has appeared on book covers, including The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook; children’s bedding and decor; stationery; greeting cards; and within books. She co-authored Creative Folk Art and Beyond. Flora is inspired by Japan, where she lived for five years as a child, as well as everyday objects. Learn more at www.florawaycott.com.

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    Create works of art no matter where you are with ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ART!

    Walter Foster’s Anywhere, Anytime Art series teaches readers to create in a variety of mediums no matter the time or place.

    Gouache painting is gaining in popularity, and Anywhere, Anytime Art: Gouache gives you the tools you need to begin, whether you’re experienced in a different medium or beginning your art journey. Meanwhile,Anywhere, Anytime Art: Colored Pencil presents colored-pencil drawing in a modern way, focusing on urban and suburban scenes as well as subjects from daily life.

    In both books, you will learn about tools, materials, techniques, and color theory, and then dive into helpful tips, hacks, and techniques for creating art while out and about. Step-by-step projects covering a variety of subjects make creating art quick, easy, and fun for artists of all skill levels.

    Take a fresh look at an up-and-coming art medium with Anywhere, Anytime Art: Gouache!


    By Agathe Singer

    On-Sale Date: May 1, 2018

    $16.95 US · $21.95 CAN · 128 pages · Paperback

    ISBN: 9781633224964

    Learn to be spontaneous with your artwork, and expand your artistic horizons!


    By Cara Hanley

    On-Sale Date: May 1, 2018

    $16.95 US · $21.95 CAN · 128 pages · Paperback

    ISBN: 9781633224940


    By Monika Forsberg


    128 pages

    US $16.95

    May 1, 2017


    By Barbara Roth


    128 pages

    US $16.95

    May 1, 2017

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    Big art lessons in little books – new from Walter Foster

    Discover the “Little Books” that pack a big punch from Walter Foster Publishing!

    In this new series, artists and hobbyists alike will learn a variety of interesting art topics, including manga, hand-lettering, and sketching, in a small and portable format. Filled with practice pages, creative exercises, and fun prompts, these books are great for beginners looking to learn the fundamentals in an entertaining way.

    The Little Book of Manga Drawing

    More than 50 tips and techniques for learning the art of manga and anime

    by Jeannie Lee and Samantha Whitten

    Paperback | 128 Pages

    $14.99 US, $19.99, CAN

    9781633224735 | March 6, 2018

    The Little Book of Lettering & Word Design

    More than 50 tips and techniques for mastering a variety of stylish, elegant, and contemporary hand-written alphabets

    by Cari Ferraro and John Stevens

    Paperback | 128 pages

    $14.99 US, $19.99 CAN

    9781633224711 | March 6, 2018

    The Little Book of Sketching

    More than 100 quirky and clever ideas for sketching your way through daily life
    by Matt Andrews

    Paperback | 128 pages

    $14.99 US, $19.99 CAN

    9781633223936 | November 21, 2017

    Walter Foster Publishing is one of the most recognized names in art instruction. The timeless drawing and painting techniques found in Walter Foster titles have helped people around the world discover their artistic talents. From traditional pencil sketching and acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting, to mixed media, hand lettering, and DIY crafting–Walter Foster Publishing has developed a full library of titles for the modern artist.