Lucky Me

Thank God for all the cupcakes and french fries I have been consuming… because i got the last leather H&M exclusive dress! This is part of their holiday party collection and only came in 1 shipment to only 1 location. I wouldn’t have fit into the last size if I lost even 5 pounds haahhaa. So there was a lot of chatter about this online here at NITROLICIOUS and various UK sites.

Here it is, isn’t it so adorable! I love it.
Because I have been out of town for the past week, I went to visit the Eaton Center with my girls and found out about this collection. Lucky me, got the last dress. Weee! I was mad that I missed out on the rest, but i didnt really miss out afterall. Its so supra cute and I just might wear it to the Warner Black Affair. Get your tickets soon cuz you dont want to miss the BIG ONE.