Didn’t find much at Century 21 but I did find this store called PYLONES around the corner and got these glass liquid cube rings! Love it!

Shopping in NY is a crazy mission. There is literally so much stuff that you have to sort them in your mind before you sort them and mentally process everything you see. Some of the stores are just filled with things that belong on the clearance rank and you know that it’s totally mass produced.. But there are exceptions to every rule… I found these wicked lil shoes at Forever21. Even though the store was a disaster, I found the last pair of size 6! Meant to b!

So here I am strolling in Tribeca and i see these hand-painted tshirts and hoodies!
I grabbed a few, they are hot! I am so ready to rock my MISSFITNYC shirt with some leggings, boots and a slouchy hat. I will post about them when I get back for sure but in the mean time – check them out here: http://www.myspace.com/missfitnyc