Pretty much flawless

I have 2 personalities, glossyvonne and yvonne. One is blonde and fun and the other is a brunette and kinda studious. 🙂 I am yvonne for 2009 until further notice. Biked to Sephora today on Bloor and wanted to find a nice matte flawless foundation to match my new hue, and after playing around for hours, I was debating the new multishade makeupforever liquid foundation or the smashbox high def one. Then the Laura Geller phenomenal foundation one caught my eye! Cool bottle that swivels shut and keeps the foundation fresh, a nice pump system that works well for me – so it’s amazing! Pretty, sheer-medium coverage and minimal transfer. “Virtually weightless formula blends beautifully to perfect your complexion. Create a flawless canvas and keep it all day.” Laura Geller is famous for it’s brow marker and she believes beauty is every woman’s birthright.  Amen to that! I will let you know how it compares to my all time favourite maybelline dream matte mousse. Any good recommendations?

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