Vivi Westwood for Melissa Shoes

Every year, I have an obsession with finding the perfect white summer shoe: so why should 2009 be any different! Before going out for dinner and after dropping of my ‘The Status of Things’, I was strolling on Queen St W today and saw these!

Pretty cute huh! Perfect for the April showers and rainy days ahead. They are called the Lady Dragon – PVC = no blisters! I first tried Melissa shoes in Lavish and Squalor but didn’t know how I felt about them. But after reading this…

“Vivienne Westwood and Melissa have combined to take a modern twist on a classic piece of Westwood footwear – the Lady Dragon Shoe. This heeled Melissa shoe is made from beige PVC and features an adjustable ankle-strap. A large red heart lays on the toe.”
– Made in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, the eclectic British fashion designer known for popularizing punk fashion
– Hypoallergenic plastic material easily molds to the foot, providing superior comfort while being 100% safe to your health 


You can see the whole collection here

Last year, I got these cute ones from Chinese Laundry… Love them, wore them so much they are goners..
so I think these VVxMel are going to be my signature ‘white shoe’ for spring!

Melissa Plastic Dream Site

About Melissa
Based in Brazil, Melissa has a single brilliant concept: super-comfortable, easy to wear, and seriously stylish footwear crafted in natural rubber. You might know them from the original 1970’s jelly sandal – they were one of the originators of that all-time classic! This sustainable and recyclable material molds to your foot after a few days of wear and provides a nearly scandalous degree of comfort. It’s also totally waterproof! And if your shoes get dirty? Clean them with good ‘ol soap and water.

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