Beauty Chemistry

Happy Monday everyone! I tweeked the blog like a maniac, I hope you like it. We are going to keep it like this for a while… Til I get bored again 🙂 Thank you for being understanding through all of the changes. Please give me your feedback. This is my first official week of school! It is going to be crazy. These classes are intense and so full of information. For those of you who don’t know, I am doing a Beauty PD at FiDM and they don’t play! I have only been to 2 of my 4 classes for this quarter so far but I will tell you what I did so far.

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Marketing Essentials (Friday mornings)
My teacher for this class is
Lee Boylan from DYG. DYG is a huge agency based in New York that specializes in predicting consumer trends. So… basically, she knows what she is talking about 🙂 DYG, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Daniel Yankelovich, Florence Skelly, Madelyn Hochstein and Patrick Grande. The company is a recognized leader in the field of social and marketing research. The firm is distinguished by its expertise in the analysis and interpretation of social/cultural trends and human motivation. I really really want to work for a trending agency! The closest thing I can compare it to in Toronto is HotSpex, I have been a member since 2004. 2 years ago, I interviewed for an analyst position there and was told quite frankly that though I qualified, they didn’t think I was a good personality match for the job. They were probably right ha ha.

We have a consistent readings, tests, projects and exams for the next 8 weeks. So here we go! Customer equity, societal marketing concept, production marketing concept, consumer perceived value, marketing myopia, selling marketing concept…

Principals of Beauty Technology (Saturday all day class 6 hrs oh.em.gee)
This class is all about the technical side of beauty…that means all the chemical ingredients, the process it gets developed, approved, tested, claims for all product categories. I feel like Kim Possible! So there is OTC (over the counter) and then Cosmetic. The teacher for this class is Amy Chang. She is an industry professional who has a background in organic chemistry and chemical engineering. So you can imagine it a little bit overwhelming to hear her talk about my favorite lipstick in terms of humectants, solubilizer, viscosity and emulsifiers. O_O. But this is gonna be a tough class considering I have no background in science. But… we made a lipstick in the first class!

The mould which the lipstick ‘bullets’ are made + beakers! Cool, like Dexter’s lab 🙂

Me analysizing the drag, odor, viscosity of the blue lipstick (Wet n Wild prototype)

For this class, because it is a double class (on Saturdays) it is only 5 weeks long instead of 8. Which means… I have 2 assignments and a test by next class. Cosmetic Chemistry is going to be a tough class for me but we are making eye shadow next week! Yay.

Back to studying!