Letters from the Sea

Somedays when you are tired of being single, you can join a dating site and get messages like this:

I am looking for someone like you…But then again, so is everyone else.
You seem confident and straightforward — impressive by anyone’s standards.
So why write me back?
There are plenty of folks who are pleasing to the eye, but I am also a down-to-earth person who can have an intelligent conversation.
I’m upbeat, funny, well-educated and sane! Easy going with a smile to match.
I treat people the way I want to be treated–with respect.
On the weekends, I play tennis, ride my bike, go to the beach, catch a movie . . . you know, normal stuff.
I think we’d get along well, and I’d love to hear from you.
Regards, Simon


here are a few things about me. i am an out going fun loving kid of a guy i like riding motorcycles and travel, i also like to get a respond from you here is my e-mail in case you deside to write. ftorousian@att.net
best wishes to you.
and happy holidays.


and you can realize that you are single by choice.