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    Online Metrics from @AYIDating

    Love don’t cost a thing—or does it? Online dating site AYI.com examined nearly 1.5 million interactions between their users to determine what income level draws the most attention from potential matches.

    As it turns out, the gold digger concept is alive and well for both genders—but in different ways. 

    For women looking for men on AYI.com, every dollar counts:

    ·      A man’s chance of being contacted by a woman increases steadily as his income increases.

    ·      Men that listed their income as $150,000 or more being 82% MORE likely than men who made $20,000 or less to get contacted by a woman.


    For men seeking women on AYI.com, income doesn’t play as large of a role—until the woman makes a significant amount of money, that is.

    ·      A woman’s chance of being contacted by a man takes a big leap when her income rises above $100,000.

    ·      Women who listed their income as $150,000 or more were actually 65% MORE likely than women who earned $20,000 to get contacted by a man.

    Hoping to score the sugar daddy or sugar mommy of your dreams? Strike up a conversation about Mark Cuban, Barclays UK, Jim Cramer or the Wall Street Journal, as those are the top interests for financial singles on AYI.com. However, avoid mentioning Warren Buffet and Goldman Sachs, since these controversial topics totaled less than 300 likes from AYI.com singles combined.


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    @AYIDating Shares Eyebrow-Raising Data–Check It!

    Are you ready for some insight into the wonderful world of dating? Cuz we’ve got the stats!

    AYI.com (Are You Interested) is a fantastic way to meet people on Facebook that you might not otherwise get to interact with. What it does is connect you with singles who share the same interests (and friends!) as you. But with a recently launched filtering feature, users can now define the parameters and browse folks by ethnicity, body type, height and more.

    ayi logo

    Here’s what the app looks like:


    and here:


    AYI.com has more than 70 million users and offers a completely integrated Facebook, iPhone and Android app, as well as a trusty website for at-home browsing.

    Now for the stats! AYI.com analyzed over 2.4 million interactions among its current user base in the U.S. and found that:

    •  Asian woman had the highest success rate with online dating because they appealed to, and were also the preferred ethnicity for all men (except Asian men who preferred Latina women)
    •  Asian women preferred men of a different race
    • Men of black/African descent were the least likely to get a response (except from women of black/African descent, who are 3x more likely to reply than a non-black woman)
    • Women of black/African descent were the least likely to get a response from all men
    • Asian, Latina and white women preferred white men over other races while women of black/African descent preferred all over races over white men
    • Men of black/African descent and white men are more likely to respond to women of different races
    • White women are 2.4x more likely to respond to white men than men of black/African descent


    Eye-opening stuff, right? Maybe not? Let us know your thoughts!

    Check out AYI’s blog to see more and then go ahead and sign up for the app–who knows, love might be waiting for you just around the Facebook corner!

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    Get Your Asian Girl

    I read this from Stuff White People Like:
    Men love asian women so much that they will go to extremes such as stating that Sandra Oh is sexy, teaching English in Asia, playing in a coed volleyball league, or attending institutions such as UBC or UCLA.

    Asian women also avoid key white women characteristics such as having a mid life crisis, divorce, and hobbies that don’t involve taking care of the children 

    *True* But as an Asian girl do I like it that I am hotter than then latest Birkin bag? Why would I want to be the trophy Asian wife? I am not a commodity or am I?  After a few weeks of using dating sites and a few years of random dating. I have come to this conclusion. I really love and want to be single with great friends. Real friends and not conditional bullshit pseudo relationship where I upgrade you and you exhaust me.  I use Facebook. I love to see how I am really good and predicting the future. Especially how many a suitors who tried to convince me that I was the perfect (asian) girl for them… But their recently Facebook photos prove otherwise. Well, what I can say, its the smartest people who recognize patterns the fastest. And I think I see one. All my friends date asian girls. I’m serious. So get your asian girl…BUT listen to me when I tell you I ain’t her.




    Did I miss anyone? Sorry!
    Then I read this: It is not easy establishing a connection with an Asian girl, if you do not know what to say. Francis K. Githinji Is An Online Dating Expert. His Latest Project Dating Asian Girls Shows How The Power Of Online Dating Can Be Harnessed Internationally and With Great Success  —- really now?  LOL… How about if you are a nice person with genuine shared interests and worldviews? That might be a start… now enjoy your Sunday!

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Letters from the Sea

    Somedays when you are tired of being single, you can join a dating site and get messages like this:

    I am looking for someone like you…But then again, so is everyone else.
    You seem confident and straightforward — impressive by anyone’s standards.
    So why write me back?
    There are plenty of folks who are pleasing to the eye, but I am also a down-to-earth person who can have an intelligent conversation.
    I’m upbeat, funny, well-educated and sane! Easy going with a smile to match.
    I treat people the way I want to be treated–with respect.
    On the weekends, I play tennis, ride my bike, go to the beach, catch a movie . . . you know, normal stuff.
    I think we’d get along well, and I’d love to hear from you.
    Regards, Simon


    here are a few things about me. i am an out going fun loving kid of a guy i like riding motorcycles and travel, i also like to get a respond from you here is my e-mail in case you deside to write. ftorousian@att.net
    best wishes to you.
    and happy holidays.


    and you can realize that you are single by choice.

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    No Scrubs

    Look, I am not a grammarian but spelling mistakes bother me. Typos get no love from me, hanging off the side of their best friend’s ride, trying to hollar at me…

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