Online Metrics from @AYIDating

Love don’t cost a thing—or does it? Online dating site examined nearly 1.5 million interactions between their users to determine what income level draws the most attention from potential matches.

As it turns out, the gold digger concept is alive and well for both genders—but in different ways. 

For women looking for men on, every dollar counts:

·      A man’s chance of being contacted by a woman increases steadily as his income increases.

·      Men that listed their income as $150,000 or more being 82% MORE likely than men who made $20,000 or less to get contacted by a woman.


For men seeking women on, income doesn’t play as large of a role—until the woman makes a significant amount of money, that is.

·      A woman’s chance of being contacted by a man takes a big leap when her income rises above $100,000.

·      Women who listed their income as $150,000 or more were actually 65% MORE likely than women who earned $20,000 to get contacted by a man.

Hoping to score the sugar daddy or sugar mommy of your dreams? Strike up a conversation about Mark Cuban, Barclays UK, Jim Cramer or the Wall Street Journal, as those are the top interests for financial singles on However, avoid mentioning Warren Buffet and Goldman Sachs, since these controversial topics totaled less than 300 likes from singles combined.