The 3P — which stands for…..

Hi Everyone, thank you for choosing Hong Kong Airline flight no. HK2010 from foreign countries to Hong Kong! The flying time is about 5 minutes per week. And here is your captain Mr. Angus Chow, who is going to show you the fashion, interior design, party scene, dance perfomance and much more in this lovely little tiny city — Hong Kong! Make sure you fasten your seat belt, sit back and relax….. and when you hear “brace! brace!” Please check carefully whether there is any problem with your ears 🙂

In order to let you know more about me, I have decided to talk about 3P this time… haha… hope I won’t disappoint you! And it is something that I have be actively doing in the past few months… wow… wow… wow… are you ready?

The 1st P — Party
Christmas, New year eve, my 13th Jan birthday……. haha….. so many reasons to party, party and party. Wish you guys had also had some wonderful time in the lovely Dec and Jan too!!! 🙂
The 2nd P — Propose Marriage
I have successfully proposed marriage to my girlfriend on my birthday party!
The 3rd P — Pray
Prayers give me strength for my everyday life!
Alright, alright…. enough talking and introduction of myself. So, next week I am going to talk into more details on the HK fahsion scene and style. And once again, thank you for choosing HK airline, hope you have had a present journey and hope you are flying with us again soon!