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    (Fun)ctional Bowling Shoes from BowlingShoes.com

    When I had the opportunity to review bowling paraphernalia, I knew just the person to ask to guest post… my mom2 in Iowa!  She is an avid bowler, amazing writer with  a no non-sense kind of honesty. Here is her post, thanks for sharing! Hello! My name is Pamela Anderson and the beautiful and talented Miss Yvonne Kai is my daughter-in-love. I may be dropping in from the Midwest occasionally to share product information with other readers of Hey Do You. After all, who doesn’t love a deal? Bowling is a sport enjoyed by many, whether as a family activity, fundraising event, birthday party, or for the serious (or not-so!) bowlers,…

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    New App @NightupLife @RegularQuis does #1OAK

    Hey it’s Marquis, back with another event guest post. Lets get right in to it, so for Halloween this year I went to a costume party at, drum roll… 1Oak! This is probably nothing to everyone from New York but me being from Boston and for everyone else from the outside world, 1Oak is the place to get in to. Also to make this night even more cool and to give out free advertising points, I used an iPhone app called NightUp. NightUp is a night club app straight out of London that just recently landed in New York and it (lowkey) is a night life bible!!! Take a look…

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    Holly: The New Guest Blogger

    Hey, I’m Holly the new guest blogger at heydoyou! I shall begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a British girl living in Brooklyn who made the move to NYC at the end of this summer, after graduating in Anthropology&Cultural Studies. So needless to say I am still fairly new to the city – eager to explore and experience as much as possible! I am a complete magazine junkie, spending far too much of my money on glossy pages full of fashion trends, beauty finds and celebrity gossip. Furthermore  I am a huge foodie and thus love eating out, cooking and discovering new delicious finds. It…

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    Fall Guest Blogger @BrookeSamsonite

    Hiya! I’m so glad to be here! I’m Brooke and I will be your lovely fashion contributor from the great city of Indianapolis.  I have an immense addiction to fashion magazines and often find myself getting lost in this blogosphere researching what’s hot and trendy in the industry. I tend to focus a lot on details- what accessories will be best as we transition from summer to fall, what colors will make an outfit pop, and almost every other fashion-loving design in between.  I am thrilled to have this opportunity and can’t wait to “meet” you all! Feel free to send me a tweet @brookesamsonite.  

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    Short but Sweet-New Spring Guest Blogger :) @Cindylru

    Hey guys! Just wanted to formally introduce myself, I’m Cindy! 🙂 I’m a new summer guest blogger and couldn’t be more excited to start! A few short but sweet things about me: -Born and raised in Connecticut, high school in RI and college in Boston! Needless to say, I’m a New England girl at heart. -Colombian background 🙂 -Things I love: pink, bows, sunflowers, goldfish, wheat thins, j.crew, NYC, Boston, London, photography, trying new food, SHOES, summer/spring, skiing, penguins, pinkberry, reading, baths, H&M, Forever21, and traveling. <–could never get enough of that –Warning: I am a hopeless romantic<–so you will be seeing a lot of that 🙂 -Dreams: retire/live in Tuscany,…

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    Smirnoff in the HOUSE!

    Our Smirnoff Experience contest winner/writer Amanda Jerome gives us a preview of the event through her eyes (incredible photography by Scott Tromley)… “Welcome to the Smirnoff experience,” said two beautiful ladies as I entered the Guvernment. I was there to see Paul Oakenfold, the legendary DJ, and to have a good time, but I got so much more than that! The room was vibrating from the music and sheer energy of the massive crowd. Smirnoff red lights filled the club and made it glow. The complimentary drink tickets given out by the Smirnoff ladies had the crowd at ease and helped get the party going. They were also passing out…