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    Pt. 2 Cosmosprof Asia 2016 Hong Kong Convention and Expo Centre


    Arriving at the second venue, the buzz and swarms of people created a ton of excitement! The energy of the crowd was high and numerous languages can be heard as you go through the crowd.

    20161116_134642This part of the convention was split into 3 large floors and was also divided in countries of origin and specific areas. I also had the opportunity to attend some seminars about K-Beauty trends as well! Some of the key points discussed the current growth sectors (Teens) and the importance of K-Pop and K-Drama’s role in catapulting brands into superstardom.  With an average of 800 SKUs per year, this Korean ‘pali pali’ system of fast turnaround jumps on trends and make them the leader in innovation in so many ways.


    I also got to meet Van Lu, the head of BeautyStreams and Innovation Award winner, Kilala and Pinkan Tilaar of Indonesia beauty giant Martha Tilaar Group.


    There were so many brands, innovators and products that it was truly overwhelming. Instead of buzzing around trying to cover all ground, I focused on booths that caught my eye and spent time learning about their brand story and products. So alas, here are some of the best innovation products and trends to highlight from this part of the show!


    1. From the Deep Sea (Trend) – A very strong pull towards the ocean’s mystic and powers. With a strong connection to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asians believe there are many health benefits to ingesting these items raw, cooked, pulverized and now assimilated through the body’s largest organ skin. The cosmetics ingredients from the deep sea include Sea Horse, Jelly Fish, Abalone, Seaweed, Coral, Pearl, Sea Cucumber.


    2. Organic baby products from Down Under (Product) – El8te – This is a brand new product line from Australia that has been featured all over glossy magazines and social media alike. With its irresistibly adorable packaging and affordable price, El8te is in a class of its own. Goat Milk being the main ingredient in the baby line, providing nourishing protection from head to toe.20161116_163141

    3. Minimalist Design (Packaging) –  Instructive packaging is on the up and up. Minimal light and airy design with a focus on Ingredients and Function as the anchor. The feel of the packaging is unobstructed and floats, while there is a solid base design that promised high quality ingredients and solid efficacy. This new trend in packaging gives the consumer a good feeling about the honesty, integrity and quality of the product. There are no frills and distractions to ‘entice’ the customer but just a clear presentation of what it really is. 20161117_143056

    This is refreshing, simple and the current trend for new brands as well as rebrand initiatives for existing brands for targeting MILLENNIAL consumers. 


    4. Hyper Local (Product) – this emerging trend comes from geo-specific ingredients that may only be available at a short time each season. These products from Latvian brand Dabba is a clear example of this. Their ingredient story is not dependent on trend forecast reports but what is only found in Latvia and its cultural significance in culture and folklore. With a connection to both the natural world and human nature,  Dabba allows consumers to experience and explore Lativa through their range of hydrosols, hair products and infused oils.


    Stay tuned for an in depth interview with Janis Kesa, the founder of Dabba!

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    One Week Countdown to #CosmoprofAsia2016

    This year has been a whirlwind of travel for me and I am excited to share my next destination: Hong Kong!

    image via Viator.com

    Next week, I will be arriving in Hong Kong for the much anticipated professional beauty tradeshow Cosmoprof Asia 2016 on November 14th. Cosmoprof Asia (21st year) this year has plenty in store for us to be excited about. Similar to my Trendscout experience for the Las Vegas show (15th year), I will be walking the show as the Official Blogger to report on the top trends in all sectors of the beauty industry. Cosmoprof is the place to find out all about innovation, packaging, original equipment manufacturing (OEM), tools and of course products.

    image via http://www.cosmoprof-asia.com

    Some of the special events I am looking forward to the most include:


    Experts from Beautystreams will give their insight and share their point of view for upcoming trends in specific topics. Cosmoprof is a must for any beauty professional to attend. Cosmoprof Asia launched the official mobile app too I will make sure I have it on my phone!


    From chemists to marketing to brand sides to entrepreneurs – Cosmoprof has plenty for everyone to learn.  Because the fairgrounds will be at 2 venues this year, I will be covering these specific areas. If you see me, don’t be shy and please say hi!


    There will be plenty to see so make sure you follow me on Snapchat (@Heydoyou), Instagram (@Heydoyou) and Twitter (@Heydoyou) during the fair as I take you to the first venue AWE (Nov 15-17) then the second venue HKCEC on Nov 16-18.  I will be picking my Top 5 products from the show as well as covering special events throughout the week.


    This is the largest international tradeshow in Asia with over 63,000 visitors from over 119 countries!

    I heard there is event a Lipstick Factory where I can create a deluxe lipstick step by step. There are 4 new shapes and who know how many million shades available. Which one is your favorite? I am partial to the angular jagged one!


    Not looking forward to the long flight (boo) but really excited to being a part of this epic event (yay!)

    See you at Cosmoprof Asia ^_^


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    Hong Kong Day 1

    I arrived in Hong Kong bright and early Sunday at 5am and tried to really make a full day out of it. I met up with my friend Dee (Yogi and health blogger) and Silky (Anesthesiologist here in HK and friend from grade school). I walked around Mong Kok, went to Causeway Bay, had sushi, shopped, walked, took the MTC, got my hair cut at Hair DO and even got some Sweet Mochi, bubble tea and snacks.   I passed out at 10pm finally and was proud of myself with no jetlag whatsoever!   Today I am working in Kowloon in the office and tomorrow I will be presenting social media strategy!  It will be awesome. Here are some great HK finds I sleepily discovered.

    I am here til Saturday so hopefully I can do a bit of damage and get some cool awesomeness to take back to Brooklyn!!

    See more on http://instagram.com/heydoyou

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    Follow @Rabeanco

    Smells are so powerful that the minute I got off the taxi and breathed in the HK air – I was brought back to my childhood memories!  I am in HK for my new job with Rabeanco and it has been really fun!  Since the brand is set to launch in just a few months in LA, the team in NY and I have been working hard to get everything ready.  It is an awesome experience to work with a Rabeanco because they are so loved and known by Hong Kong shoppers and we all know they will get the gold if shopping was a sport in the Olympics.  Since I am their new social media girl, it was my job to be completely all over the store, bags and of course more bags :]

    I got to see the store in person at the Langham Place mall.


    The bags and store was AWESOME and the sales people were upbeat and the store was packed.


    I love this rustic meets now kind of finish on this leather wallet


    Oh the hard decisions in life! I love them both!

    IMG_7289 IMG_7279 IMG_7274 IMG_7286Let them out! Meow!

    Stay tuned for more on www.rabeanco.com

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    Meet Angus

    We have some very exciting news! HeyDoYou welcomes Angus as a fashion and trend guestblogger for the month of Feb. He did sneak in a post on Friday… I ‘inter-met’ Angus on Lookbook.nu and reached out to him to give us his expertise on what is fly in the east. Oh yah! He lives in Hong Kong ^_^

    Creme de le creme. We only F#%*(& with the best in the world.

    Angus Chow is a full time dreamer and lover in Hong Kong who spends most of his time dancing. Nike sponsored athlete, choreographing, performing, teaching, writing fashion blog, traveling, shopping and clubbing. He has been dancing in numerous concerts for HK, China and UK pop singers like Twins, Shayne Ward and he has also choreographed for performances of Nike, Henessy, HSBC, Star TV and various musicals. He is currently working with various dance groups and schools to aim at cheering up and affecting HK people through dance and fitness.

    That’s not all, his passion for fashion and interior design can be proven by his bank account, as he is spending all he can earn from his part time job for decorating himself and his home! With a Bachelor degree in marketing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he is now also completing another interior design diploma. His mission is to share with others and to enjoy life. He believes in faith, hope and love.

    cute, clever and most definitely connected*
    Say hi to Angus. He’s bringing some grade A, kinda rare amazingness.
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    The 3P — which stands for…..

    Hi Everyone, thank you for choosing Hong Kong Airline flight no. HK2010 from foreign countries to Hong Kong! The flying time is about 5 minutes per week. And here is your captain Mr. Angus Chow, who is going to show you the fashion, interior design, party scene, dance perfomance and much more in this lovely little tiny city — Hong Kong! Make sure you fasten your seat belt, sit back and relax….. and when you hear “brace! brace!” Please check carefully whether there is any problem with your ears 🙂

    In order to let you know more about me, I have decided to talk about 3P this time… haha… hope I won’t disappoint you! And it is something that I have be actively doing in the past few months… wow… wow… wow… are you ready?

    The 1st P — Party
    Christmas, New year eve, my 13th Jan birthday……. haha….. so many reasons to party, party and party. Wish you guys had also had some wonderful time in the lovely Dec and Jan too!!! 🙂
    The 2nd P — Propose Marriage
    I have successfully proposed marriage to my girlfriend on my birthday party!
    The 3rd P — Pray
    Prayers give me strength for my everyday life!
    Alright, alright…. enough talking and introduction of myself. So, next week I am going to talk into more details on the HK fahsion scene and style. And once again, thank you for choosing HK airline, hope you have had a present journey and hope you are flying with us again soon!