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    Pt. 2 Cosmosprof Asia 2016 Hong Kong Convention and Expo Centre

    Arriving at the second venue, the buzz and swarms of people created a ton of excitement! The energy of the crowd was high and numerous languages can be heard as you go through the crowd. This part of the convention was split into 3 large floors and was also divided in countries of origin and specific areas. I also had the opportunity to attend some seminars about K-Beauty trends as well! Some of the key points discussed the current growth sectors (Teens) and the importance of K-Pop and K-Drama’s role in catapulting brands into superstardom.  With an average of 800 SKUs per year, this Korean ‘pali pali’ system of fast…

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    One Week Countdown to #CosmoprofAsia2016

    This year has been a whirlwind of travel for me and I am excited to share my next destination: Hong Kong! image via Viator.com Next week, I will be arriving in Hong Kong for the much anticipated professional beauty tradeshow Cosmoprof Asia 2016 on November 14th. Cosmoprof Asia (21st year) this year has plenty in store for us to be excited about. Similar to my Trendscout experience for the Las Vegas show (15th year), I will be walking the show as the Official Blogger to report on the top trends in all sectors of the beauty industry. Cosmoprof is the place to find out all about innovation, packaging, original equipment manufacturing (OEM),…

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    Hong Kong Day 1

    I arrived in Hong Kong bright and early Sunday at 5am and tried to really make a full day out of it. I met up with my friend Dee (Yogi and health blogger) and Silky (Anesthesiologist here in HK and friend from grade school). I walked around Mong Kok, went to Causeway Bay, had sushi, shopped, walked, took the MTC, got my hair cut at Hair DO and even got some Sweet Mochi, bubble tea and snacks.   I passed out at 10pm finally and was proud of myself with no jetlag whatsoever!   Today I am working in Kowloon in the office and tomorrow I will be presenting social…

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    Follow @Rabeanco

    Smells are so powerful that the minute I got off the taxi and breathed in the HK air – I was brought back to my childhood memories!  I am in HK for my new job with Rabeanco and it has been really fun!  Since the brand is set to launch in just a few months in LA, the team in NY and I have been working hard to get everything ready.  It is an awesome experience to work with a Rabeanco because they are so loved and known by Hong Kong shoppers and we all know they will get the gold if shopping was a sport in the Olympics.  Since…

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    Meet Angus

    We have some very exciting news! HeyDoYou welcomes Angus as a fashion and trend guestblogger for the month of Feb. He did sneak in a post on Friday… I ‘inter-met’ Angus on Lookbook.nu and reached out to him to give us his expertise on what is fly in the east. Oh yah! He lives in Hong Kong ^_^ Creme de le creme. We only F#%*(& with the best in the world. Angus Chow is a full time dreamer and lover in Hong Kong who spends most of his time dancing. Nike sponsored athlete, choreographing, performing, teaching, writing fashion blog, traveling, shopping and clubbing. He has been dancing in numerous concerts for HK, China and…

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    The 3P — which stands for…..

    Hi Everyone, thank you for choosing Hong Kong Airline flight no. HK2010 from foreign countries to Hong Kong! The flying time is about 5 minutes per week. And here is your captain Mr. Angus Chow, who is going to show you the fashion, interior design, party scene, dance perfomance and much more in this lovely little tiny city — Hong Kong! Make sure you fasten your seat belt, sit back and relax….. and when you hear “brace! brace!” Please check carefully whether there is any problem with your ears 🙂 In order to let you know more about me, I have decided to talk about 3P this time… haha… hope…

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