Home-cooking with B #3: Burger lovin!

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”– James Beard

I Love Burgers, but the only time I’ll ever eat them is if they are homemade. McDonalds, Burger King etc just don’t cut it! Gourmet burgers are best, because YOU get to customize them AND you get to see what really goes in your burger… plus the taste of fresh beef is waayyy better than a frozen pattie… jus saying 🙂 I made some burgers stuffed with blue cheese, and the stuffed the remaining ground beef with marble cheese.Yum yum yum!
This particular day, I wanted a simple but tasty burger; the beef was playing the starring role with the cheese as it’s supporting actor. I don’t always like lettuce in my burger, so I opted for A LOT of sliced tomato instead… tomatoes are the apple of love you know, and I cooks with love! lol. 
What’s a burger without bacon? can’t make a movie without a camera right? so you know I had some bacon up in there!
Oh I also had a side salad of course, gotta get my fibre on! some lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, topped with cranberries! triple yum again!
the meat was juicy, cheese exploding in my mouth, while the tomatoes and greens offered a quenching freshness… mmm mmm GOOD!
Make some burgers this weekend, you don’t need a ton of ingredients to make a delicious burger! but remember, everything in moderation…
Have a lovely and safe weekend!