Indulge in an array of Macaroons at a patisserie on a sweet summer’s day…

The new Marc Jacobs Splash collection fragrances are inspired by the simple pleasure of sitting outside at a patisserie and enjoying the rich and beautifully displayed sweets.

Marc Jacobs introduces three new limited edition Splash Scents so summery that your sunnies and flipflops will rejoice!

Here is the first one…


MARC JACOBS BISCOTTI tempts the senses with its savory aroma and a touch of citrus. Uniquely delectable and crisp, biscotti is the perfect pick-me-up. This comforting and refreshing interpretation is unique and beautifully surprising.

Developed by Richard Herpin of Firmenich, this citrus floral treat opens with the tempting aroma of freesia, bergamont and orange flower, the heart of pistachio blossom imparts a sweet richness. Creamy and soft vanilla add balance and a smooth softness.

The warm golden tint of MARC JACOBS BISCOTTI captures the sensation of taking the first bite of a sweet biscotti cookie.

omg. YUM