HCB #8: Sweet Hoisin Wings

I loved this! The celery and green peppers offered a freshness and crisp texture to these sweet SAUCY wings! It was definitely finger- to- elbow licking-lip smacking GOOD!

Wings go great with crudités but, I only had celery and green pepper so I had to make magic with limited ingredients. Lucky for me I LOVE both vegetables so I wasn’t worried.
B’s Crudités Salad:
Chopped celery and green pepper into miniature matchsticks
Dried cranberries,
Garlic/Peppercorn vinaigrette
Toss em all together, and voila!
Did you know? Crudités are traditional French appetizers comprising of sliced or whole raw vegetables which are dipped in a vinaigrette or another dipping sauce. Crudités often include celery sticks, carrot sticks, bell pepper strips, broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus spears.

The wings:
5 chicken wings cut in two
Garlic-chopped finely
Ginger-chopped finely
Secret spice blend
Rice wine vinegar
Hoisin sauce
A lil sugar for love!
Did you know? Despite the literal meaning of “seafood,” Hoisin sauce does not contain fish. Traditionally, Hoisin sauce is made using sweet potato.
Happy cooking!