HCB #7: Diner Food?

There was a DEMAND for burgers and wings this past week, so although I didnt wanna do another burger post, I figured you also didn’t mind seeing a juicy stuffed stuffed burger! They look so delicious when the cheese starts to ooze outta them… mmm yum!

 Instead of just regular wings, I got a little playful and made coconut/panko crusted spicy wings!

Nice and Golden!

This meal reminds of the sinful delicious food you find at a diner; a combination of all the what-not-to-eats, prepared ever so deliciously! Lol. However, seeing as I’m all about taking care of this temple that is my body, I was very careful about the ingredients I used. For example, I had cooked the burgers in the oven instead of frying them, I also used a low fat/low calorie vinaigrette and everything else in serious moderation without skimping out on the good stuff! Besides burgers are GREAT coz their “not good for you” so I wasn’t tryna have some low fat tasteless burger lol…No sir.