July= National Ice Cream Month

On a hot summer day what better way to treat yourself than to Ice Cream!!

In celebration of National Ice Cream month, I threw an Ice cream party for some family members and friends, thanks to Breyers. “Thanks Breyers” for the ever so tasty flavours from Breyers NEW Smooth and Dreamy Ice cream line.

I was surprised to see that it was half the fat, and had at least 30 percent fewer calories, than regular Ice Cream. We couldn’t’t even tell the difference in taste, so for all consumers, health conscious or not this Ice Cream is for you! There were so many tasty flavours to choose from, but the top favourites amongst the group were, The Mocha Fudge Brownie and The Chocolate Fudge brownie.

Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream is available at grocery stores across Canada. Go out and get some!

Breyers NEW Smooth and Dreamy – made with Breyers finest ingredients and all natural flavours. You’ll get all the taste you have come to expect from Breyers, but with only half the fat and calories of regular ice cream. http://www.breyersicecream.ca/

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