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    Favorites of Halloween 2010

    Halloween is the one time of year people can dress up and be someone completely different without being judged or made fun of. In fact, the crazier and more outrageous the better! Here are a few of our favorite celeb Halloween costumes this year:  JWoww from Jersey Shore as a sexy schoolgirl Perez Hilton Heidi Klum as an alien transformer and Seal as the Silver Surfer Kim Kardashian as Little Red Riding Hood Ashanti as a sex kitten DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore as Justin Bieber Keri Hilson as Big Bird Diddy and his kids as clowns Fabolous as The Joker Which ones were your favorites? Seeing these costumes makes me…

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    White House Black Market

    After looking over pages and pages of gorg pumps and cute coats, eventually ‘White House Black Market’ started catching my eye… over and over again! First it was the shoes, then a pair of gloves and then I began prowling through the website, you should too! Their story is wow’ing too… starting off as a single boutique calling themselves ‘The White House’ the shop’s unique concept was to be filled with gorg clothing and accessories, all in different shades of white and ivory. They later grew expanding the original idea opening ‘The Black Market’ and soon after, in ’97, combining the two boutiques to make ‘White House Black Market’! Today…

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    (T.O.) Devil’s Rejects 2…

    It was FREEZING yesterday, but that didn’t stop the dead goth girl (chinny), grace jones (me) and the 50’s pin-up girl (Sierra) from coming out to play! The Devils Rejects Party aka Director X’s birthday celebration was apparently the “place to be” last night, and we were happy to be there to wish X a Happy Birthday as well as indulge in the Halloween festivities! I didn’t realize his face was painted until I took the picture! lol  Miss “Go-to-Girl” was treating us to some good music, while rocking the Minnie mouse look! Taj was a Jedi, lightsaber and all! EVERYBODY was in costume. I was very impressed. My Inspiration. Grace Jones…

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    Started my new job today and overheard my co-worker talk about the amazing Fruishi he had last weekend in Chicago.  I did some digging and found out Orange – The Contemporary Brunch Resto is responsible for such a medley and savory delight. Since I am in NY and the fruishi is in CHI… I am going to make my own! Now so can you… Frushi, or fruit sushi, is one of Orange’s most popular items and makes a beautiful and unusual breakfast addition. Serve it as a side to poached eggs and Canadian bacon or ham. We’ve used oranges and raspberries for the topping, but any fresh fruit will work.…

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    (NY) Leopard Mascara

    I went to a Chinese Dollarstore in Toronto (Brimley and Sheppard) and found my new favourite mascara. It has a leopard packaging and it is called 2x Flamingo Volumizing Mascara Lash Extension.  It’s a gel fiber tubing mascara. I have never used anything like this before… It really rivals anything in my traincases and makeup bags.  You can buy it on EBAY for $9. I got it for $3. But in my Google search, I found a few other brands with ‘Leopard Macaras” MAC Helena Rubenstein *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Take a look at my interview with Ruff Ryders recording artist Drew James.  This 26 yrs old multifaceted artist is ambitious and on his way to greatness! He has performed with artists such as Lloyd Banks, Obie Trice, Jim Jones, Kardinal Offishall, Belly, Joe Budden and many more. He will be performing at Mansion Nightclub on Nov 18th 2010. You can get tix here. Check out his MySpace. Thanks For the Interview Drew! Tash xo *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*