JRDN Can Have US All

I love it when I recieve new PR kits for the different things going on in Toronto, it gives me the opportunity to stay fresh, current and in-the-know… The fact that I recieved one for JRDN Music literally while I was in the midst of a pulling together a blog posting on him, proves that everyone NEEDS to know what’s going on with this artist.

There’s no denying that we love to support talent on the rise… it’s what we do! But, this one sits all the more closer to home. I first heard about JRDN when my girl let me know Cazh was directing the video for his album’s first single “You Can Have it All”. I’ll admit, I’m the worst when it comes to titles and names, but as soon as she started singing and reminding me of the lyrics, I realized I knew EVERY word… how can a woman not notice???
I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I definately want it all, and his voice leads me to believe that its mine… lol!

But all dirty talk aside, the track is dope… the video is INSANE… the artist is real! Check him out when he comes to your town on his Canada-wide tour in support of the new album ‘IAMJRDN’ which hit stores this week!

Cross-Canada Tour Dates

Nov. 13 – Kool Haus, Toronto w.Danny Fernandes & Bruno Mars
Nov. 19 – Boss Nightclub, Vancouver
Nov. 25 – Flames Central, Calgary
Nov. 26 – Diesel Lounge, Edmonton
Dec. 4 – Bains Douches, Montreal
Dec. 19 – Sound Academy, Toronto

Peep the video below courtesy of Youtube.com.

Video directed by my girl Cazhhmere, styled by my fam The Bossy Girls.
Behind the scenes peek courtesy of Stolen From Africa & Youtube.com

Look for “4 Tha Ghetto” video coming soon, directed by Cazhhmere… teaser below

courtesy of youtube
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