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    2011 Pioneer Stylus DJ Awards

    I had an amazing time on Monday night hosting all of the interviews in the Pioneer lounge at the 2011 Pioneer Stylus DJ Awards! I’ve only managed to get my hands on a few photos but there are many more to come… these ones are via Caitlin’s bossy cam! xo   RichKidd, Caitlin, T Bossy & Me with JRDN Shawn Desman & Jelly   T & I

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    Music eh! On my own preview

    I met SOUL last summer, and we hit it off immediately. Such a cool guy, so funny, and totally talented. I was so impressed by how passionate he was about his craft, and his unwillingness to be grouped into any categories as far as producing music goes, that I had to interview him. We got to listen to some of his work, as well as find out a little bit about what makes the man that is SOUL tick. Which is why I was so excited to get some of his new work in my inbox this weekend. “On my own” is Vancouver-based rapper LAZE-E’s first single off the LAZE-E’s-MUGGER…

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    JRDN Can Have US All

    I love it when I recieve new PR kits for the different things going on in Toronto, it gives me the opportunity to stay fresh, current and in-the-know… The fact that I recieved one for JRDN Music literally while I was in the midst of a pulling together a blog posting on him, proves that everyone NEEDS to know what’s going on with this artist. There’s no denying that we love to support talent on the rise… it’s what we do! But, this one sits all the more closer to home. I first heard about JRDN when my girl let me know Cazh was directing the video for his album’s…