(T.O.): Gourmet Food & Wine Expo 1

Pulled pork sandwiches with a signature coleslaw…*sighs* gone are the days… I used to LOVE pork!
I was so excited when the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo came to Toronto! Unfortunately for me I was so sick this weekend, I didn’t get to spend as much time there as I wanted to *sad face*. The pics below are from the VIP opening night and some of day one and two. Enjoy drooling! ha ha ha
mmm crepes…
lamb chops anyone?
So many ways to make your margarita more exciting!
Spring rolls wasn’t playing around, there was so much food, this is only a tiny bit of what they were offering!
I saw so many adults happily skipping along eating these… no joke lol
There were lots and lots of alcoholic beverages… LOTS.
ooooh chocolate covered strawberries…
This stuff? DELICIOUS! I had a few samples, I wanted more but was too shy to go back… lol
Vice was there too…yummy!
A slideshow for your viewing pleasure 🙂
peace and love
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