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I love H.I..M

H.I.M = Highly Interesting Men.

A few months ago I posted a video with brother Gerry and Jason Clemmons. Loving what they said in the video and fascinated by how in sync these identical twins are… Well guess it was serendipitous for me to get on the L train and see them! Half Black, Half Portuguese… completely awesome! They are actors and models but of course. How to tell them apart.. umm I think when they pose for photos Jason always has his arm over Garry’s shoulder – I dont’ know but I think I am right.

The Man’s Guide To Love #210 from themansguidetolove on Vimeo.

I was so excited and I guess they sensed it cuz Garry said hi to me and Jason had his new Macbook. In their matching Lululemon + Nikes they were just heading back home from the gym and I was heading to my interview at Vice magazine in Brooklyn.  God bless Google and Facebook… 🙂  Even though the above video says they are 23 and this article says they are 28, i think they are about 29… Super nice and down to earth.. and not even mad at me cuz I didn’t have gum with me. Hope we actually hang out and become real friends.  They I got off the train and saw and Argentino Dogo called Che. Amazing. Can’t ask for a better day.
I bet I could tell them apart… ummm maybe not.
Who: Garry Clemmon and Jason Clemmon
Why: Actor/Models who always dress alike – the one who wakes up first gets to choose the outfit
What: Double Trouble, Twice is nice
Where: NYC
How: Running into them on the L train
What else: TwinTone is their personal training business

Do I really have to explain?

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Day 8

Just for the day make your mom extra proud
Say please and thank you pitch-perfect loud
Open all doors, give up your seat
Smile sincerely at those on the street
Manners are like gloves, we often forget
Today, wear them with pride like striped epaulets

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Beautyfix for You and Your Favorites!

Dermstore has created an amazing way for everyone to get the absolutely hottest products of the season. Every product is specifically chosen for you by a panel of beauty experts. By answering a few simple questions about your wants and your needs, you can get eight products that will fit you perfectly. What I love is that you have choices… you aren’t stuck with eight products that you have to stick with. You’re given a bunch of choices and you can personally narrow down what you want in makeup, skincare, haircare, body care, and nail care. Best of all, it comes with a free cosmetic case!
These are what I chose:
I got a lip balm perfect for the winter, a face tanner since i’m so pale now, a Vitamin C serum, a great eyeshadow brush, a Dermatologica face exfoliant, a face wash, and three great hair products from Jonathan products. Every product as you can see is either a huge travel sized or full sized product… how great is that!
And here’ the makeup case I chose:
So far I love love love every product! I even bought a few kits for my mom and my girlfriends for the holidays. This makes gift giving so much easier. All these products together would add up to at least $250 but you’ll get all of these hot products of the season for just $49.99 and free shipping! This is the perfect holiday gift, birthday gift, or just because gift… perfect fit for anyone and everyone.

Beautyfix by DermStore has partnered with renowned charity K.I.D.S, Kids in Distressed Situations, to bring a little holiday cheer to those in need. For every Beautyfix Kit purchased as a gift from Dec.1st to Dec. 31st, BeautyFix will donate $1.00 to the spectacular children’s organization. With every dollar donated, K.I.D.S. is able to provide $10 worth of supplies, toys and basic necessities to kids in need.

Now for our Heydoyou Beautyfix by Dermstore kit giveaway…

Send me Direct Message on twitter and tell me why you’d love to get a Beautyfix kit in those 140 characters or less. If you don’t have Twitter, send me an email expressing in 140 characters or less why you’d love to get your very own personalized Beautyfix kit for me! Best one will be chosen on January 1st 2011! Who wouldn’t love new stuff to start the new year 🙂


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(NY) Mysterious Guy #5

I went down to Church and Murray St last week to check out some amateur bands perform. The venue was cozy and intimate and most of the people at the event knew the members of the band. I was there because I was invited by le mystery guy. As I sipped my Guinness and thought about the music industy and about life – I couldn’t help but imagine what if.  What if I was a band wife or a music groupie? What would my life be like? Travelling on a whim with my lover wherever he goes, always standing the crowd cheering and clapping. Secretly proud and in awe of his talent but also afraid and know all these girls want him. I thought about what it would be like to play a supporting role in a man’s life and not ever be center stage. I don’t think I can do it. The me I know always has a tall drink of water who is my arm candy for the red carpet. I can’t get use to it the other way around. I think then about Amber Rose and Kanye. How can she just be his girl when she has so much star power of her own? I think I will need a low key, behind the scenes guy in my life.
Back to reality, where I am just at an event at a bar… You can go see him perform in New York this week. Emanuel Gibson & The Color Green: December 23 @ Sullivan Hall-8 pm til late 214 Sullivan St btwn 3rd and Bleeker.
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