@justfoodfordogs is Real Food for Dogs

JustFoodForDogs  start with the highest quality, USDA certified, restaurant grade meats, fresh vegetables and whole grains, all of which are approved for human consumption. With SO many scary dog food recalls, this sounds like an excellent option!!

They cook their homemade food for dogs, puppy foods and dog treats in small batches in their own dog kitchen and dog bakery in Newport, California. This is a critical point as it relates to quality control and commitment.

All of our healthy food for dogs recipes are prepared by cooking our all natural ingredients to the minimum allowed temperature in order to preserve the maximum nutritional value. Whole grains and fresh vegetables must be cooked to a very specific point so that nutrients are preserved and a dog’s system can still benefit from the nourishment these healthy dog food ingredients offer.

YUM!  There is not such thing as ‘human food’ and ‘dog food’ in my family. There is only FOOD. If your furry friend can’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t either. I am glad to see I am not the only one that cooks for my pooch!

Find out more on http://www.justfoodfordogs.com

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