Dirty Springwash @Lushcosmetics

I am a big fan of minty bath products and nothing gets the sweaty summer muck off the way this Lush bodywash does. It is slightly tingly (way less than Dr Bronners, so it doesn’t burn) and lathers beautifully! I am in love with the squeezable bottle and the color the the shower gel lights up my bathroom.

Living in New York City, I get my share of dirty the moment I leave my house!  You know NYC is notorious for street trash, tourist and coughing sneezing germy folks. On the subway where millions sit and touch, down the streets with pollutions a la subway, taxi, cars and more. Random dogs who lick you and worst of all, the pick up lines straight from Jersey Shore. Yuck!

Nothing gets me cleaner and fresher than Dirty Springwash by Lush.

From Lush: Out all night up to no good? Good on you. When it’s time to clean up your act and jolt yourself back to reality, have a wash with our tingly spearmint shower gel. Like a refreshing dip in a mountain spring, Springwash was invented for Dirty guys (and girls) everywhere. Spearmint and menthol crystals make your skin feel cool in a hot shower – you’ll feel fresher and ready to go in no time! As well as cleaning you up, there’s added glycerin and sea salt to soften your hair and skin while you’re washing up from last nights activities.

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