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    #NewHairResolution with @lushcosmetics

    Do you have a #NewHairResolution? Share your resolution with Lush and win 6 months of care!  Find out details on Lushusa.com Roots Healthy Scalp Cream ($19.95): Fine hair can be finicky, so this treatment is packed full of ingredients to revitalize from root to end.  There’s honey to soften along with some extra virgin olive oil to strengthen and condition the hair.  Menthol stimulates the scalp and encourages hair to grow to its full length, giving the appearance of thicker hair.   Superbalm for Scalps ($19.95): This is exactly as the name suggests, a super soothing balm for serious scalp problems.  When there’s build-up on the scalp that can’t be removed by shampooing or dandruff, you…

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    Seasonal Goodies from @LushCosmetics

    What beauty brand can brag of the 100% Against Animal Testing 100% Vegetarian 83% Vegan* 60% Unpreserved* 38% Unpackaged Naked (with no outer pack! Lush Cosmetics has been a long time favorite of mine and proudly Canadian! In case Santa didn’t give you what you wanted, you can get  some of their seasonal goodies for yourself. Sandy Santa Sugar Scrub ($5.95) – Start the night off by scrubbing up with the big man! A fun sugar scrub to help you eliminate all the overindulgences and toxins of the celebratory season. Use in the shower, work in circular motions all over the body and allow the sand and sugar to reveal…

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    Dirty Springwash @Lushcosmetics

    I am a big fan of minty bath products and nothing gets the sweaty summer muck off the way this Lush bodywash does. It is slightly tingly (way less than Dr Bronners, so it doesn’t burn) and lathers beautifully! I am in love with the squeezable bottle and the color the the shower gel lights up my bathroom. Living in New York City, I get my share of dirty the moment I leave my house!  You know NYC is notorious for street trash, tourist and coughing sneezing germy folks. On the subway where millions sit and touch, down the streets with pollutions a la subway, taxi, cars and more. Random…

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