Emotional Brilliance @LushCosmetics

I first saw these little magical vials of color in the store at Union Square and was oh so curious about them! What are they? How do they wear and most of all – Can consumers really fall in love with this simple and uniform packaging?  The answer is yes!  These natural make up products perform well and are handmade.

Handmade makeup?  Yes!  Make up is really some oils, pigments and water mixed together if you think about it. Our friends at LUSH was so nice to send me a trio to test out!  I was pleasantly surprised and pleased. All the ingredients are safe, healthy and real.

The green “Intuition” is a fresh grass green liquid to cream eyeshadow that is just so pretty!  The “Bubbly” is a rose petal pink lipgloss and the “Quietly Motivated” is a coppery brown eyeliner that makes your eyes sparkle.  I am really into these!

Find out more about Lush’s Emotional Brilliance on their site.