Coconut Water Beauty Products @joeynybeauty

I found a beauty product that has coconut water in it! šŸ™‚

Bye Bye Blackheads from Joey NY. Get rid of that summer grime and prepare your skin for the fall by minimizing the appearance of large pores and treat acne breakouts!

No matter how you try, you will get dirt on your nose! Ā It sticks out furthest from your face and it is out to the environment! Ā If you live in a city where you are driving or if you are walking – the elements and pollution will always play a factor in your blackhead levels.

This powerful, yet gentle, formula instantly removes blackheads while minimizing the appearance of largeĀ pores and treating acne breakouts. In just 60 seconds, the gel masque treatment delivers instant, visible, pain-free results, normalizing damage and brightening lackluster skin for a fresh, clean, clear complexion. Young Green Tender Coconut Water and Indian Ginseng extract complex smooth, heal and protect skin while Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates and Vitamin E nourishes and repairs.

Last month, I got the great idea to use coconut water as toner so I am so excited to try Joey New York’s Bye Bye Blackheads!