Shopping Haul!!!

Okay so this weekend. I was totally looking forward to shopping till I dropped in the lovely New York. Unfortunately I had to settle for NJ but my adventure was a success none the less. When I tend to shop I look for key pieces that will give my outfit a soft touch but make a loud statement. I look for clothing that will compliment my skin tone but will definitely speak volumes along with my jewelry!

This fall season I will load up on tons and tons of scarves and sweaters. Ranging from all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Enough about me, here’s what I was able to find:

Summer time has ended but that doesn’t mean staying in style ends. The above Addidas Athletic gray jacket with pink stripes cost $79.99. Fortunately for me it was on sale which bumped it down to $59. While adding my military discount I got this baby bumped to a nice $39, saving a total of $40!!!

Can you say WIN!!!

Fall is the perfect season to find those boots and sweaters to wear to a college football game or run to class in!

Above: Charlotte Russe, Crystal-Studded flat Opal Earrings $5 ( two for $10).

Left: Charlotte Russe, 3-Pack of Pastel Colored Studded Earrings $5 ( two for $10).

 Right: Rue 21, 3-Pack of Natural Colored Bangles $2.

All the above jewelry can go from day to night, work to out on the town. I prefer to buy simple jewelry that can go with just about anything.

The above sweater was purchased at Forever 21, for only $15! A pastel green, multi-ribbed knit great for the fall.

Now many may not think that is not a sale but this plain sweater has so much potential.

I could through some pins, or some loud jewelry with it to make it stand out.

When it gets colder I can even through a couple of colorful scarves to spice things up!

My first blazer was purchased at Forever 21 for only $22! I found this on a rack of multi-colored salmon blazers.

The pink will give me a soft touch with the harsh reds and oranges that will soon be showing outside.

It’s not a heavy blazer meant to keep one warm but more for the style side.

This blazer will go perfectly with the new black heel boots I got from ALDO.

All the above clothing are statement makers. I want to walk into any setting a turn heads. I’m attempting to update my wardrobe, this is only the beginning. I’m blossoming into a lady and boy is this road interesting. My next adventure will be trying on makeup! I can’t wait to show you how it turns out…of course with a little practice first. For more on my shopping endeavors check me out on twitter @Rags2Ink.