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    Jewelry on a budget: #Rocksbox

    Normally I’m the type of person that shies away from subscription services. Something about the predictability of things coming the mail all the time and having a strict routine…(maybe it’s just the free-spirited, non-committal Gemini in me, I dunno.) So when I heard about the service Rocksbox, I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. After I did a bit of research and saw that I could cancel at anytime, I took the plunge.

    To shop the Rocksbox catalog you need to become a member. It’s an easy three step process; you take a style survey and add items to your jewelry wish list; receive three pieces to wear on loan– each is hand selected for you based on your specific requests in the survey. Return your rocksbox to get three new pieces. Really simple and relaxing. I took my time with the survey, looking through the entire catalog and picking just what I like, from gold to silver to simple pieces to more ornate items.

    It’s $19 a month for unlimited jewelry rental with free prepaid shipping both ways, with the return shipping label included in your box of bobbles. You can even  get the first month for free! My referral code is krovargasxoxo. Use today and tomorrow!

    (Keep in mind, even though it’s free the first month, you still need to enter a credit card.)

    The first three pieces I received coordinated with each other nicely (again, based on what I checked off in my wish list). If you happen to love an item so much, you can buy it at the “members only” discounted price.

    Here’s what I got in my first #Rocksbox.

    My first rocksbox! Cute little gift box with a fabric bow ~

    Everything came in this cute little box tied with a ribbon– the loveliest little gift. I’m a sucker for nice packaging! Each item was wrapped in a tiny see-through silk baggie (not pictured), nestled in chevron tissue paper, as seen below.

    bobbles 1
    Gold simplicity. I really like the earrings and ring.

    Pictured are the Perry Street Charlotte Earrings, Gorjana Nesa Necklace and the Sophie Harper Pavé X Ring in Gold.

    bobbles 2
    This Pavé X Ring in gold was my favorite item in the box! So delicate and girly ~

    The  Pavé X Ring was my favorite item in this whole box. It fit like a dream. Light enought to wear daily without feeling bulky, sturdy good quality that did not bend or warp in any way and shiny enough to add some gleam to my hand without being overbearing.

    bobbles 3
    The Charlotte Earrings are so classy, while the Nesa necklace is delicate and airy with their tiny arrow design.

    I liked the Charolette earrings, they were okay. Very pretty up close and little on the heavy side, though not enough to be bothersome when worn. They were a bit on the dressy-side for me, if that makes sense. I held off wearing them until I knew I had to go to an event.

    The only item I sorta disliked in this box was the Nesa necklace. I like to wear delicate pieces from time to time, bu this one was too delicate. The necklace itself is very thin and the arrow head pieces barely stood out when I wore it. The tiny clasp also gave me more trouble than I would have liked when I was putting on and taking it off. I wore the necklace for a 12 hr work day and none of coworkers or friends noticed I was wearing it.
    You can see the earrings and necklace worn below, with my hair tied back.

    bobbles 4
    Here I’m wearing the necklace and earrings. Of the two, the earrings were my favorite. They have just the right amount of shine!

    Would I recommend Rocksbox? Sure! If I can spend $20 a month of cheap disposable accessories from fast fashion houses like F21 or H&M, why not use that same cash to get some good quality jewelry I can exchange at anytime?

    I loved 2/3 of my first set and am looking forward to what I’ll be getting next month.

    Use my referral code today and tomorrow to get your first month free!

    Code: krovargasxoxo

    Happy shopping!


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    Bling Helpers with @Blingguard

    Do you have jewelry at home that is soooo cute but way too big, loose or heavy? For a long time, I was wearing huge hoops all the time and as you all know, they can stretch out your earring piercing hole. When you wear studs, they might droop and look ‘sad’.

    Here are 2 really cool products that can help your earrings stay put and ‘happy’ and your rings from turning around and round on your finger.

    BlingDots are earring supports and stabilizers that ensure comfortable and positioned earrings perfectly on the ear. They are made of hypoallergenic foam that provides comfort and support while lifting the earrings up on your ears. Earrings no longer droop or fall forward and also greatly relieve the weight of heavy earrings and help stop your ear lobes from stretching.
    $14.99 for set of 30

    BlingWraps are innovative solutions to ring resizing that help keep jewelry from twisting, turning or sliding by adding 1+ ring sizes to your finger. BlingWraps use a patented “padlock” design that is invisible and fits securely beneath your ring to keep it in place.
    $14.99 for 45 pairs

    And check out my ‘too big’ rings here

    You can buy them on http://blingguard.com

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    Top 4 Classic Earring Styles Every Girl Should Own

    Earlobes were clearly created to be adorned. Since you have a perfect canvas dangling at the end of each ear, it just makes sense to fill that open space with something beautiful. Regardless of whether you have short hair, long hair that you occasionally wear down or if you’re prone to upsweeps and buns, there’s a style or two of classic earrings that will pique your fancy and suit your appearance and style.

    To get you started on finding the right earrings to give your ears just the pizazz you’re seeking, here are the top 4 classic earring styles.

    1. Stud Earrings. The beauty of the stud is its simplicity. Usually made of a tiny gemstones or precious metals, the stud’s main attribute is that it looks like it’s suspended or hovering in the middle of nowhere on your earlobe. These earrings feature a hidden back post and has a back piece (also called a clutch) that has friction and screws on it to keep it from sliding off and getting lost. Studs don’t have any specially dictated shape, so they can be small flat circle shapes, squares, mini-orbs or diamond patterns. They may even be more specific shapes, such as crosses, guitars, stars or any other design. Studs work for everyone and for every look, but they work particularly well on girls, younger women, those with shorter haircuts and in any working environment. Studs are simple, stylish and the most versatile of all ear jewelry.

    2. Hoop Earrings. With a circular, semi-circular, or oval shape, hoops are ring-shaped ear jewelry that comes in various sizes and types of precious metals. You’ll find a wide variety of hoop sizes, as well as different thicknesses, types of metals and shapes. This classic look is often most effective on women with long hair that’s pulled back or up into a dressy bun or ponytail. Hoops often give the wearer an eclectic appearance.

    3. Cuff Earrings. Cuffs basically wrap around some portion of your ears. The shape of cuffs is somewhat similar to hoops, though much smaller and tighter so they can easily envelope the edge of your ears securely. They don’t have to be simple hoops. Cuffs often take on symbolic shapes such as the body of a man or woman clinging to the ear, an object such as a leaf or a rose and more. Cuffs often create more of a statement than other ear jewelry.

    4. Chandelier Earrings. This type of ear jewelry is often ornate, yet can still be adaptable to many circumstances, though they’re best worn for a night on the town in your favorite dress and a special hairstyle. These highly decorative earrings can be found in a variety of materials including metals, shells, beads, seeds, feathers and more.

    It won’t matter whether you’re seeking earrings for the office, a formal dinner, a Saturday afternoon at an outdoor concert or other occasions, you’ll find something that suits the occasion as well as your own fashion taste.

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    Shopping Haul!!!

    Okay so this weekend. I was totally looking forward to shopping till I dropped in the lovely New York. Unfortunately I had to settle for NJ but my adventure was a success none the less. When I tend to shop I look for key pieces that will give my outfit a soft touch but make a loud statement. I look for clothing that will compliment my skin tone but will definitely speak volumes along with my jewelry!

    This fall season I will load up on tons and tons of scarves and sweaters. Ranging from all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

    Enough about me, here’s what I was able to find:

    Summer time has ended but that doesn’t mean staying in style ends. The above Addidas Athletic gray jacket with pink stripes cost $79.99. Fortunately for me it was on sale which bumped it down to $59. While adding my military discount I got this baby bumped to a nice $39, saving a total of $40!!!

    Can you say WIN!!!

    Fall is the perfect season to find those boots and sweaters to wear to a college football game or run to class in!

    Above: Charlotte Russe, Crystal-Studded flat Opal Earrings $5 ( two for $10).

    Left: Charlotte Russe, 3-Pack of Pastel Colored Studded Earrings $5 ( two for $10).

     Right: Rue 21, 3-Pack of Natural Colored Bangles $2.

    All the above jewelry can go from day to night, work to out on the town. I prefer to buy simple jewelry that can go with just about anything.

    The above sweater was purchased at Forever 21, for only $15! A pastel green, multi-ribbed knit great for the fall.

    Now many may not think that is not a sale but this plain sweater has so much potential.

    I could through some pins, or some loud jewelry with it to make it stand out.

    When it gets colder I can even through a couple of colorful scarves to spice things up!

    My first blazer was purchased at Forever 21 for only $22! I found this on a rack of multi-colored salmon blazers.

    The pink will give me a soft touch with the harsh reds and oranges that will soon be showing outside.

    It’s not a heavy blazer meant to keep one warm but more for the style side.

    This blazer will go perfectly with the new black heel boots I got from ALDO.

    All the above clothing are statement makers. I want to walk into any setting a turn heads. I’m attempting to update my wardrobe, this is only the beginning. I’m blossoming into a lady and boy is this road interesting. My next adventure will be trying on makeup! I can’t wait to show you how it turns out…of course with a little practice first. For more on my shopping endeavors check me out on twitter @Rags2Ink.

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    Wise Old Women Jewelry Rack: Organization and Decoration

    Who doesn’t love the experience of walking into a boutique seeing everything organized by color, accessories hung on the wall like artwork, belts and hand bags organized by causal to dressy?

      Travel Hanger $24.95

    So lately I thought why not create that own feeling at home! Researching a bit on how to display my jewelry for easy access, organization and wall decor I came across WOW Hanger.

    There were so many options to choose from and pricing starting at 11.95!  It was a no brainer I ordered the Jewelry Hanger 4 piece set at $25.95. This system organizes over a 150 pieces of jewelry, delivers within 24 hrs, and it’s all made in the USA!4 Piece Jewerly Hanger $25.95

    Find out more on about this Utah based company on wowhanger.com

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    Annie Hammer Jewelery

    Accessorizing? Choose jewelry designer Annie Hammer!

    Hammer’s jewelry takes inspiration from her surroundings, with a vintage, hippie twist. . She envisions things in sculptural form and then makes it into jewelry. While her roots may be in surrealism, these days Hammer finds her muse in everyday objects – in shapes, in shoes, in the middle of the night.  She creates bold, focused pieces by mixing shapes and textures to create what a fellow artists have called “fierce elegance”.

    Her collection features pieces that combine a natural chic and geometric edge with a sort of dream-like and mystical flare.

    Her newest Spring/Summer Collection 2012 includes the following materials: Druzy, Crystal Points, Wood, Feathers, Leather, Mother of Pearl, Boar’s Tusk, Bone, Semi Precious Stones, Sting Ray.

    That’s just a taste of what she can do! View the entire collection here or visit Greenwich Jewelers online or at the store in NYC!