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    This Week in NYC, Boston & New Jersey: @SalonWeek

    You’ve heard of Restaurant Week and Spa Week, but do know about Salon Week? If you’re in Boston, New Jersey (state) or New York City, you can partake in this week of discounts at various salon. It started on October 1, but you have until October 7 to hook yourself up with some serious pampering.

    Each participating salon offers a minimum of three discounted services to chose from giving you the opportunity to try high-end services for 50% off!

    Photo: www.salonweek.com

    To book your salon service, visit www.salonweek.com.

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    Shopping Haul!!!

    Okay so this weekend. I was totally looking forward to shopping till I dropped in the lovely New York. Unfortunately I had to settle for NJ but my adventure was a success none the less. When I tend to shop I look for key pieces that will give my outfit a soft touch but make a loud statement. I look for clothing that will compliment my skin tone but will definitely speak volumes along with my jewelry!

    This fall season I will load up on tons and tons of scarves and sweaters. Ranging from all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

    Enough about me, here’s what I was able to find:

    Summer time has ended but that doesn’t mean staying in style ends. The above Addidas Athletic gray jacket with pink stripes cost $79.99. Fortunately for me it was on sale which bumped it down to $59. While adding my military discount I got this baby bumped to a nice $39, saving a total of $40!!!

    Can you say WIN!!!

    Fall is the perfect season to find those boots and sweaters to wear to a college football game or run to class in!

    Above: Charlotte Russe, Crystal-Studded flat Opal Earrings $5 ( two for $10).

    Left: Charlotte Russe, 3-Pack of Pastel Colored Studded Earrings $5 ( two for $10).

     Right: Rue 21, 3-Pack of Natural Colored Bangles $2.

    All the above jewelry can go from day to night, work to out on the town. I prefer to buy simple jewelry that can go with just about anything.

    The above sweater was purchased at Forever 21, for only $15! A pastel green, multi-ribbed knit great for the fall.

    Now many may not think that is not a sale but this plain sweater has so much potential.

    I could through some pins, or some loud jewelry with it to make it stand out.

    When it gets colder I can even through a couple of colorful scarves to spice things up!

    My first blazer was purchased at Forever 21 for only $22! I found this on a rack of multi-colored salmon blazers.

    The pink will give me a soft touch with the harsh reds and oranges that will soon be showing outside.

    It’s not a heavy blazer meant to keep one warm but more for the style side.

    This blazer will go perfectly with the new black heel boots I got from ALDO.

    All the above clothing are statement makers. I want to walk into any setting a turn heads. I’m attempting to update my wardrobe, this is only the beginning. I’m blossoming into a lady and boy is this road interesting. My next adventure will be trying on makeup! I can’t wait to show you how it turns out…of course with a little practice first. For more on my shopping endeavors check me out on twitter @Rags2Ink.

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    Aetrex Concept Flagship Store Grand Opening & VIP Party

    On Thursday, June 2, I took off my super uncomfortable $10 flats and got my feet scanned at Aetrex’s new flagship store in Englewood, N.J.

    If you like shoes from GEOX or ECCO, you’ll definitely enjoy the shoes here at Aetrex. They’re very practical and ridiculously comfortable. If you’re going to be walking around New York City all day long, you better invest in a pair — it’s totally worth it.

    But this store is way more than just a shoe store. “The store will feature state-of-the-art interactive technology that will bring people one step closer to a healthy and active lifestyle by matching them with products designed for their specific needs,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO, Aetrex. This awesome Aetrex’s iStep Wave machine shows you if you have flat, arched, narrow or wide feet. In my case, I was slightly narrow. It measures foot size and determines arch type and pressure points in less than 30 seconds.

    If you’re a shoe fanatic like me, you’ll really appreciate this extra factor. Aetrex is also renowned for its over-the-counter Lynco Orthotics, the world’s #1 foot orthotic system. No more custom-made orthotics made only for athletes or the elderly. This is available for everyone!

    Check out these seriously comfortable loafers I got! Visit www.Aetrex.com to get your own!