@NexxusHair Hydra-Light for my Smooth Light Asian Hair

I am always open to trying new hair products and even ones made for different ethnicity hair. From my experimentation, I have learned that heavy heavy conditioners weigh my hair down, makes it look greasy and even makes my forehead break out. So maybe my hair isn’t as dry and damaged as I thought.


I know that dry hair requires moisture (aka water) but not oils so when I discovered Nexxus Hydra-Light, I was eager to see how it would transform my tresses.

1. The Hydra Light Shampoo has the most beautiful bottle that is an irridescent pearly baby blue. The actual shampoo is clear and very suddy. I love the faint scent it has and the way it leaves my hair feeling very clean.

2. The Hydra-Light Conditioner
The magic ingredient in this conditioner is coconut oil and sea salt. I love that this ingredient is infused into the formula and it doesn’t at all smell like coconut. It is light enough for everyday use but rich enough to keep my hair cooperating.

3. Hydra-Light Root Lift Mist
An interesting atomizer that works surprising well. I just put my head upside down with my wet hair hanging down and give a few spritz pre-blow dry. It works great and makes my hair really bouncy.

4. Leave In Conditioner Foam
I have never seen a product like this in foam. Sometimes I just shampoo my hair and use this. It prevent flyaways and static with the premium formula with glycerin helps make hair more manageable and flexible for styling.

Sometimes if you spend a bit more on haircare, you will have a much easier life and better day!
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