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    John Frieda® Hair Care and Camila Mendes Debut New Day 2 Revival Collection

    John Frieda® Hair Care and Brand Ambassador Camila Mendes launched the new Day 2 Revival™ collection at an intimate event in Los Angeles last month. The collection, specially formulated to bring unwashed, second day hair back to life, was shared with a select group of digital influencers and media at a Friendsgiving dinner hosted by Camila in Hollywood Hills. Attendees received a sneak peek of the line and were given exclusive codes to share with their followers and readers, allowing consumers to shop the line during an exclusive, limited-edition pre-launch on Amazon.com prior to the official launch in 2019.

    PICTURED: Camila Mendes PHOTO by: Michael Simon

    John Frieda® Hair Care knows that for many women, shampoo and conditioner aren’t a part of their daily routine. In fact, they understand that two, three, four or more days can pass between washes. That’s why they created the Day 2 Revival™ collection, designed to refresh hair and reset statement-making styles on days you don’t wash. Comprised of four styling products, the collection is specially formulated to work on dry hair so you can reset your style with ease on day two and beyond, all while retaining much-needed moisture and effortless texture.

    Camila identifies with women who aren’t washing every day. “As someone with naturally textured hair, I tend to avoid washing daily so I can stretch my style for a few days,” she explains. “But after a day or two, my waves just don’t look as good. I love that now there are products that can prolong my time between washes but still keep my hair looking freshly styled.”

    The collection has a product for every hair type, from the tightest curls to those with finer, straighter hair:

    • Day 2 Revival Curl Reset™ Spray breathes new life to day-old curls via a nourishing blend of Acai and Avocado Dry Oil. Ideal for curly hair prone to losing moisture, the spray formula instantly revives curl definition while removing frizz, adding moisture and increasing softness.
      • HOW IT WORKS: Enhanced with a conditioning agent, a unique curl styling polymer system blends seamlessly into curls, redefining shape while taming frizz. The hydrating formula leaves hair super soft and touchable, while reinvigorating a beautifully-defined curl shape with a light hold.
      • Recommended for hair types that are naturally curly hair or between curl types 3A to 4A
    • Day 2 Revival Smoothing Dry Oil helps to tame frizz, instantly smoothing and nourishing dry hair. Made with hydrating Acai and Avocado Dry Oil, the formula reignites shine in dull, day-old hair without leaving a heavy or greasy residue.
      • HOW IT WORKS: A cascading silicone blend helps smooth and soften hair while adding shine, nourishing waves and curls with the extra care and moisture they need.
      • Recommended for hair types that are thick, dry hair or between curl types 3B to 4C
    • Day 2 Revival Wave Refresh™ Spray contains a unique blend of Acai and Avocado Dry Oil to increase texture and grip on dry hair. Each spritz instantly makes waves that enhance yesterday’s hair and leave it looking naturally tousled.
      • HOW IT WORKS: A styling polymer combined with crystalized minerals helps to deliver flowing, textured waves while maintaining moisture and natural bounce. Delivered via an easy spray application, it instantly shapes and defines effortless wavy style.
      • Recommended for hair types that are naturally wavy, worn in [wo]man-made waves or between straight hair to curl type 2C
    • Day 2 Revival Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes second day hair and scalp without leaving a visible residue. Lightly scented, it quickly absorbs oil and reactivates style for a clean feeling on the days you don’t wash.
      • HOW IT WORKS: Derived from rice, natural polysaccharides help to remove excess oil in hair via a fine mist formula that leaves hair looking and feeling refreshed.
      • Recommended for all hair types and textures

    “Extending your wash days is not a trend, it’s a styling choice that women of all hair types have been doing for quite some time,” says Leah Stone, Senior Brand Manager, John Frieda Hair Care US. “Day 2 Revival products are ideal for women who are looking to make their day two, three or four hair look refreshed, polished and fabulous, without the fuss of washing and drying.”

    John Frieda® Day 2 Revival™ products are available via pre-sale at Amazon.com started from November 17th while supplies last. Find the line at Amazon.com officially in 2019. This hair set can be a great gift for your family who love taking care of their hairs!

    Kao USA Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium beauty care brands that are recognized around the world for their innovation and quality. The Kao USA Inc. portfolio includes Ban® antiperspirant deodorants and Total Refresh® Cooling Body Cloths; Jergens® and Curel® hand and body lotions; Biore® facial care; John Frieda® Frizz-Ease®, Luxurious Volume®, Sheer Blonde®, Beach Blonde®, Brilliant Brunette®, Radiant Red® and Precision Foam Colour professional hair care products. Founded in 1882, Kao USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kao Corporation.

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    NEW Rick Ross Grooming Collection – WEED, CHAMPAGNE, CAVIAR, and HUSTLE – OH MY!

    Well-known for his hustle, Grammy-nominated Rick Ross has spent a decade+ at the top of the rap game. He’s also gained as much – if not more –  notoriety as one of the industry’s top style icons…with the best beard in the game. So, when it came to his next business project, creating a collection of grooming products with as much swag as Rozay was his only logical next step.

    LAUNCHING IN LIMINTED QUANTITIES THIS MAY: The nine-piece RICH by RICK ROSS line, which will consist of a Luxury Beard Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair & Body Wash, Styling Gel, Shaving Cream, Aftershave Balm, Classic Pomade and Strong Styling Wax, will all retail for $12.99 to $15.99, so every guy can afford a taste of the #BossUp lifestyle. *National rollout will begin July 2018, including at select Sally Beauty Supply Stores and www.SallyBeauty.com

    Every product in the RICH by Rick Ross collection is sulfate and paraben free and contains The Boss Experience, a triple-threat elixir composed of luxurious, yet powerful ingredients:

    • Champagne Extract – Contains antiaging antioxidants and a small amount of proteins that help to remove impurities, repair and rejuvenate damaged hair and reduce hair loss.
    • Caviar Extract – Fortify, moisturize and provide antiaging and UV-protectant benefits to hair and skin instead, thanks to an overload of amino acids, vitamins (D, A, E, B12), minerals (sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium), omegas (3 and 6) and essential fatty acids.
    • Hemp Seed Oil – This ultra-moisturizing and emollient oil helps to calm, soothe, plump and hydrate tired, dry skin & hair, while also balancing oil levels and providing antiaging benefits.


    1 fl oz Price$15.99

    Most definitely the best beard oil money can buy. Gloss like a boss.

    Instructions: Apply a couple of drops into damp or dry beard. Reapply a small amount to dry beard for extra gloss.


    5 fl oz Price$13.99

    The Boss shaving cream takes your game to the next level. Expect the smoothest shave ever. Period. For all skin and hair types.

    Instructions: Apply desired amount, lather, shave, rinse.


    5 fl oz Price$13.99

    Performance matters… and so does smooth skin. This aftershave gives you smooth, soft, rich skin.

    Instructions: Apply small amount to a freshly shaven face and neck. Avoid eye area. Now go hustle hard.


    8.5 fl oz Price$12.99

    The Boss of shampoos cleans, softens and moisturizes all hair types with the richest formula in the game.

    Instructions: Massage through wet hair. Rinse. Feel blessed.


    8.5 fl oz Price$12.99

    Get back what’s yours. This conditioner makes your hair #richforever.

    Instructions: After shampooing, massage through wet hair. Rinse. Breathe.


    8.5 fl oz Price$12.99

    Let everybody know your name. Be #1 with the 2-in-1 head to toe full body wash that will cleanse, condition, and nourish your hair, body and soul.

    Instructions: Use as body wash and shampoo. Massage through wet hair. Rinse.


    2.6 oz Price$13.99

    The most touchable pomade from the boss of The Untouchable Empire. Frizz control and all that.

    Instructions: Apply to damp or dry hair for medium hold and shine.


    5 fl oz Price$13.99

    Every day you hustlin’, use this classic gel to hold you tight. Hold, shine, perfect for glossy-look styles or blow drying. For all hair types.

    Instructions: Distribute evenly and style as desired. Medium to strong hold, natural shine.


    2.6 oz Price$13.99

    Winners are strong. So is this matte wax. Create boss texture with strong, yet workable hold. For all hair types.

    Instructions: Apply to damp or dry hair for matte texture and hold.

    *Luxury Shaving Cream and Aftershave also include the addition of Kona Coffee – one of the best and strongest antioxidants that also helps improve skin’s appearance and hydrates.

    Introducing RICH by Rick Ross Collection

    I always get asked what I use to keep my beard so fly and real bosses help other bosses stay blessed so, I knew I needed to bring the people what they wanted! From the shower to styling, the RICH by Rick Ross collection has something for every guy out there, and at a price that won’t knock your hustle. I promise you, with RICH by Rick Ross, your style will be “untouchable”.
    – Rick Ross  

    I hope you had an amazing weekend and are having a nice, well-caffeinated start to your Monday morning.

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    Cloud 10 Millennial Hair Care Report Reveals Nearly 60 Percent Unhappy With Their Hair

    When it comes to hair care, Millennials have distinct product, style and shopping preferences, according to the 2017 Cloud 10 Millennial Hair Care Report.

    The survey polled 1000 women, ages 18 to 35, from across the country at all income levels. It was commissioned by Cloud 10 Hair Care, a pioneer in customized hair care. The survey revealed:

    The 2017 Cloud 10 Millennial Hair Care Report reveals that 77 percent prefer shampoos and conditioners that are customized for their particular hair care needs. Stronger hair topped Millennials’ hair care goals. Reducing dryness and taming frizz followed in importance.
    The morning routine: Only 15 percent of Millennials choose to wash their hair daily. Most prefer to wash it two to three times per week, according to the 2017 Cloud 10 Millennial Hair Care Report. See the full report at Cloud10Hair.com.
    • 59 percent of women polled wish they had someone else’s hair, or are only happy with their hair sometimes.
    • 77 percent prefer shampoos and conditioners customized for their particular hair care needs.
    • Only 15 percent of Millennials choose to wash their hair daily. Most prefer to wash it 2-3 times per week.
    • An overwhelming 88 percent say scent plays a factor in purchasing shampoos and conditioners. In that group, about half say it’s “very important.”
    • 22 percent of Millennials say they would never use a shampoo or conditioner that contains sulfates or parabens, while 34 percent have no idea what they are.
    • Stronger hair topped Millennials’ hair care goals. Reducing dryness and taming frizz followed in importance.
    • Millennials shop everywhere for hair care formulas, with nearly a quarter shopping online.
    • Bad hair day? 30 percent opted for a bun!

    For complete results, see the full report here.

    “Our Cloud 10 Hair Care formulas, shopping experience, and social community are all designed around the distinct preferences that Millennials crave when selecting hair care products,” says Ellen Langas, Co-CEO of ProfilePro LLC, the parent company of Cloud10 Hair. “We constantly invite customer feedback and utilize survey results like this so we can provide the ultimate customization experience.”

    Through a short series of questions at Cloud10hair.com, users can identify their hair care needs. Profiles are instantly matched to recommended shampoos and conditioners with a choice of scent and lather preference. In addition, users may choose from multiple label designs, each of which can be personalized with their names.

    “Customization is a key trend in today’s retail landscape and Cloud 10 Hair Care believes that shampoo and conditioner should be no exception,” says Joe Segel, Co-founder and Co-CEO of ProfilePro. Segel is also the founder of QVC and is known as one of the nation’s foremost serial entrepreneurs who built his reputation on improving customer experience.

    All Cloud 10 shampoo and conditioner formulas are sulfate free, paraben free, cruelty free and safe for chemically treated hair.

    About ProfilePro LLC

    ProfilePro LLC is a pioneer in customized and personalized hair care. The company was cofounded in 2014 by Joe Segel, who is the founder of QVC, and Jodi Dery, owner of award-winning Cloud 10 salons in Florida. The ProfilePro family of brands includes Cloud 10 Hair Care and HairRx Advanced HairCare.

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    The Art of Mastering The Perfect Blowout

    It is time to drop your weekly hair appointment to the salon, and pick up the blow dryer yourself! You know what they say, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Okay so maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but what if your favorite hair dresser is on vacation and you have an important date? It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep these skills in your pocket for a rainy day. Mastering the perfect blowout isn’t as hard as you think. Check out my tips below!

    The perfect blowout starts in the shower with a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for your hair. I have fine and frizzy hair so I like to use sulfate-free shampoos. My personal favorites are the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. The gentle hydrating shampoo and conditioner has antioxidant argon oil & replenishing nutrients to help cleanse & hydrate dehydrated hair. Make sure to get all the product out of your hair to make sure you have a long-lasting blowout. The conditioner leaves an oily residue in your hair that makes your blowout look greasy.

    Price: $9.50/$10.00 for a 2.4 oz bottle

    Apply a heat protecting spray to damp clean hair to avoid damaging your hair when using the dryer. I love the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave‑In Spray. I have used this spray since High School when I flat-ironed my hair daily *cringe*. You can get it at Target for $4 and it works just as well as any fancy brand.

    Price: $3.99

    Next up, divide the hair into small sections. I divide my hair into 5 sections because my arm gets tired quite fast( I really need to hit the gym) and my hair is very thin making it easier to dry. There is no magic number for how many sections you can have but stick to working with a small amount of hair at a time to make sure that the hair is properly dried.

    Here’s a more visual description provided by NEXXUS:

    Start in the back of your head and using a large round brush wrap the hair around the brush. Start drying your hair with the brush vertically. Make sure the blow dryer isn’t directly touching your hair to avoid damaging your strands. Take your time with each section and add volume by putting the brush under the hair at the crown of your head. Twirl hair away from your face for that desired bouncy effect.

    Conair – Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer

    Price: $32.99

    Ceramic + Ion Thermal Hairbrush

    Price: $19.95

    Spray your hair with a finishing spray to avoid any fly aways. I personally use HASK Flexible Finish HairSpray- Light Hold. It helps seal my hair without making my hair stiff.

    Price: $4

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    WEN Says So Long to Suds!

    Say so long to lather and give up suds for good! While the co-washing movement has taken the beauty industry by storm, it was Chaz Dean who put the ban of ‘poo on the map with his collection of cleansing conditioners from WEN Hair & Body Care. Formulated in scents you’ll love with an exclusive amino acid complex and nourishing peptides, Chaz’s line of conditioners includes the perfect match for every hair type and concern.

    Also available from WEN by Chaz Dean, are his collections of limited edition seasonal scents, featuring Summer Tropical ParadiseSummer Coconut Lime VerbenaSummer Honey Peach and Summer Mango Coconut.

    The Bamboo Green Tea collection is a gluten-free, rice-based formula designed for all hair types. With an exclusive blend of green, black, white and red teas, and the WEN amino acid and peptide complexes, Bamboo Green Tea is a powerfully nourishing line.

    The Cucumber Aloe collection is the lightest formula from WEN Hair and Body. Designed to address an oily scalp, while keeping your hair hydrated and healthy, the collection is ideal for those with fine hair that is easily weighed down.

    One of the most hydrating formulas, Fig is designed for thick, coarse or curly hair as it penetrates deeply, giving hair the hydration it needs. Fig is also the perfect choice for hair damaged by harsh chemical processes and heated styling tools.

    For hair that needs a boost in volume, the Lavender collection is lightweight and deeply hydrating. This formula is ideal for hair that is easily weighed down or becomes flat by the end of the day. 

    With Amino Acids, Peptides, Four Tea Complex and an exclusive Bamboo Water Complex, the Mandarin Italian Fig collection promotes hair growth and repair. By restoring and protecting hair, volume, shine and strength is improved for all hair types.

    This gluten-free, soy based formula is perfect for anyone with a sensitivity to wheat, but can be used by anyone. The Pomegranate collection provides the perfect balance of nourishment and hydration to all hair types and textures.

    The first formula Chaz created and still the brand’s most popular, the Sweet Almond Mint collection is designed for all hair types and textures. Great for first timers, the Sweet Almond Mint collection is the perfect introduction to WEN Hair and Body Care.

    The Tea Tree formula is designed to address common hair and scalp issues by nourishing and healing. The medicinal properties of tea tree deeply cleanse and hydrate, ideal for all hair types.

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    You Need This Shampoo Come Summer Showers

    Summer time is almost here – but with that comes Summer showers!

    I have a secret to keep my hair smooth and non-broken at all. Especially in the Summer time, using this product, you can enjoy the weather with your always-beautiful hair. Today I am going to share this secret with you!

    Humidity and rain can ruin even the best hair days, leaving it frizzy and unmanageable. éprouvage just launched the products you’ll need to overcome those Summer Showers. The NEW Smoothing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner are specifically designed to nourish and hydrate for sleek, manageable hair.

    éprouvage Smoothing Shampoo ($15, éprouvage.com) – gently cleanses while providing optimal softness and shine. Hair is left feeling healthy and smooth without weigh down. Formulated with our Progressive Plant Cell Technology for healthier looking hair and scalp.


    • Cleanses hair and scalp while restoring hydration.
    • Tames dry, tired strands for frizz-free, sleek styles.
    • Increases hair’s resistance to breakage.

    éprouvage Smoothing Conditioner ($16, éprouvage.com) – A replenishing and detangling conditioner that provides hydration to unruly hair. This formula nourishes and hydrates for sleek, manageable hair. Formulated with our Progressive Plant Cell Technology for healthier looking hair and scalp.


    • Restores hydration and nourishes dry, unruly hair.
    • Gently detangles without weighing hair down.
    • Replenishes moisture and improves manageability.