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    Three New ACANA™ Chewy Tenders Treats for Dogs

    Today, the ACANA team announced the launch of ACANA Chewy Tenders dog treats with high meat content and functional nutritional benefits.

    The ACANA™ pet food team is obsessed with using nutrient-rich ingredients consumers know and love. The recipe separates ACANA™ Chewy Tenders from other premium jerky-style treats: superfoods, savory bone broth for added protein and exceptional taste, honey and made without glycerin ingredients.

    Each of the three ACANA™ Chewy Tenders recipes, available in 4-ounce resealable packages, combines a great flavor with a specific health benefit:

    • Immune System SupportACANA™ Chewy Tenders Chicken Recipe, made of 90%1 animal ingredients, offers immune system support from antioxidant rich cranberries, vitamin C and vitamin E.
    • Hip and Joint Health: ACANA™ Chewy Tenders Beef Recipe, also made of 90%1 animal ingredients, supports hip and joint health with algal oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
    • Skin, Coat and Digestive Support: ACANA™ Chewy Tenders Salmon Recipe, made of 85%1 animal ingredients, supports skin, coat and digestive health with omega-3 fatty acids from wild-caught salmon and fiber from pumpkin.

    “ACANA™ Chewy Tenders were designed for pet lovers who are looking for indulgent meat treats made with higher-quality ingredients,” said Keith Arnold, director of innovation at Champion Petfoods. “Pet lovers want to give their dogs treats that not only taste good, but also support their dogs’ health. With ACANA™ Chewy Tenders, ACANA® High-Protein Crunchy Biscuits and ACANA® Freeze-Dried Dog Treats, we now offer pet lovers a complete assortment that balances peak nutrition, quality ingredients, functional benefits—and tastes dogs will love.”

    The dog treats are now available for purchase in stores and online, including neighborhood pet stores, Petco Pet Care Centers, Petco.com, Chewy.com and Amazon.com. For more information and to learn where to purchase, visit acana.com.

    The ACANA™ name was inspired by its birthplace in the farmlands of Alberta, Canada and through generations has become synonymous with quality. In ACANA™ food, every ingredient matters when it comes to feeding pets a nutritious diet rich in animal protein and balanced with fruit & vegetables. All ACANA™ recipes are thoughtfully crafted to provide quality nutrition so pets live a full and healthy life as a happy member of the family. With a delicious variety of recipes and a range of options to suit every pet, ACANA™ products include kibble, freeze-dried food and treats, biscuits, and wet food. To learn more, visit acana.com.

    Champion Petfoods is an award-winning pet food maker with a reputation of trust spanning over 35 years. Founded in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Champion has grown to be a key player in the premium pet food industry across three major global geographies. Our purpose, To Earn Pet Lover Trust Every Day so Pets Thrive for a Lifetime, provides the foundation for our highest aspirations as a company. And our Food Philosophy drives us to provide the highest quality in every ORIJEN and ACANA food we make for cats and dogs. We specialize in making foods that are Biologically Appropriate and all of our ingredients are selected from a carefully curated group of farmers, ranchers and fisheries, whom we know and trust. Our foods are crafted by passionate nutrition and health experts in world class kitchens, and as Pet Lovers ourselves, we strive for the highest quality and food safety in every food we make. To learn more, visit championpetfoods.com.

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    Aquapaw Pro for Your Doggy Spa Day

    Aquapaw is an attachment to make bathing your dog more simple and effective. There are 2 kinds of dogs, the ones love baths and the ones who howl like they are being killed. Every time we go to Dog Supplies Outlet in Las Vegas, we take advantage of their bath station. It is completely free of charge and they even provide shampoo and conditioners too! All you have to bring is your own towel. My dog already knows this place and she was eager to get her spa day.

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    Cami is 7 now and our dog Jacob prior to her got washed a lot more. He was all white and we lived in New York City. Being brown merle, you never really know how dirty Cami is!

    The Aquapaw® Pro is designed with larger dogs with thicker coats in mind to be the easiest and most efficient way to bathe your pet at home. The combination of silicone sprayer and scrubber-in-one allows you to brush and rinse your pet’s coat simultaneously.  The innovative 2-stage button mechanism allows you to ‘Click’ the sprayer to LOW, HIGH, and OFF entirely with one hand so you’re never fumbling to adjust the water flow and can keep your pet calm.

    • 2-Settings: Gentle and Strong• 8ft/2.5m Heavy Duty Hose• 100% Silicone Body (FDA Grade)• Shower Adapter and Garden Hose Adapter included • Patent Pending

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    This tool is awesome and can attach to most shower heads easily at home! They even provide a lifetime warranty so it’s a must have for all dog owners. Find out more info here https://www.aquapaw.com/products/aquapaw-pro-grooming-tool

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    MA(R)KET x Whistle Take Care of Your Pet in Style

    Cami is 6 now and we have to actively monitor her health. We were excited to learn about the pet “Whistle” Health device. It is kind of like a Fitbit for your dog and monitors daily activity. We also received the matching leash and collar set from Ma(r)ket. This high quality and stylish design so perfect for winter.  The Whistle works with a yearly subscription and matching app.  “Our newest smart device just got a glow up. Whistle™ Health Limited Edition is sleeker, slimmer, and will soon let you track your dog’s emotions. Just like the original, it uses sophisticated AI to track activity and translate their behavior into daily health insights. So you always know how they’re doing, and when changes may point to a potential health issue. For dogs of all sizes.

    Does not include GPS location tracking


    • The Whistle Health Limited Edition monitors pets’ wellbeing to provide valuable insights to keep them safe and healthy. Using industry-leading tech, along with an unmatched database of behavioral data and collaboration between scientists and pet parents, the devices help you understand what your dog really needs, helping them live their best life.
    • The NTWRK episode features product demos from MA®KET founder Michael Cherman, the face of the campaign alongside his dog Max.
    • This technology is paired with streetwear brand MA®KET, known for collaborations with the NBA, Lacoste, Mike Tyson and beyond. The forward-thinking and fast-growing company is constantly pushing the boundaries of all things fashion and streetwear with a mission of being inclusive and accessible.

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    French Dog Shampoos by Alzoo

    The seasons are changing and that means shedding and itching! My dog Cami is 6 now which means she’s had over 30 baths in her lifetime (at least!). We have been seeing this TikTok trend using peanut butter to entice your dogs to jump right into the bath! I will tell you know that, it works! May be an image of text that says 'ALZOO DOG HAMP S'Dogs dread baths and even though Cami loves to swim and play in splash pads, she also does not like the slippery bathtub, water in her ears or face at all. We always start at the back, then her belly, then her legs, paws and then tail and butt at the end. I make sure that all the soap is washed out thoroughly because she has a short double coat and then the last and final step is rinsing her jowls and face.

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    We were happy with the Alzoo Dog Shampoo! This product is made in France. The fragrance was very light and airy and was not excessively foamy. The flip cap made it simple to open with just one hand. Thank you for letting us try this awesome dog shampoo!

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    ALZOO products are produced in France and in the US by AB7, a family owned company, with on-site specialists including staff Veterinarians, Pharmacists and Entomologists. French site is both EPA and GMP certified and US site is EPA certified.

    AB7 America is a Sunrise, FL subsidiary of AB7 Sante.

    AB7 America is developing and manufacturing sustainable and science based Pet Care products for the North America retailer and veterinarian channels.

    Its product portfolio includes Flea and Ticks, Calming, Grooming, Pain relief and Deodorizing products.

    ANTI-ITCH DOG SHAMPOO Shampoo anti-itch

    Specially formulated for dogs with dry, itchy skin

    Our gentle shampoo cleans and moisturizes your dog’s itchy skin with natural blend of plant-based ingredients and essential botanical oils. Enriched with a blend of Calendula Extract and Aloe Vera to soothe irritated skin while adding luster and shine to the coat. Skin irritations are calmed and skin’s moisture balanced is restored with each batch. Ideal for adult dogs

    • Sugar cane base tubes – 8 oz
    • Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Dye Free | Soap Free | Phthalate Free
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    Duty Mitt for Puppies and Grown Up Dogs

    I read somewhere that when dogs feel extremely comfortable, protected and secure, they will expose their belly. The thinking is that ancestrally, in the wild, exposing your vulnerable parts (belly and groin) can put an animal in danger. But household pets hundreds of years later definitely will be doing lots of that.  My dog Cami shows her happiness by rolling – ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. This means a simple park visit could be a long bath afterwards. The parks in Vegas always have dried grass bits, leaves and dust that sticks to her short double coat. Even though Cami went from 8 to 80 lbs really quick, she will always be our baby!

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    We were given the opportunity to test our the Duty Mitt. This compact cleaning wipe is awesome to keep in the car! The Pet Grooming Mitt is the ultimate pet grooming product. It is a single use, disposable product that offers a gentle, cleansing formula and mild deodorizer-essential for maintaining a clean and healthy coat. The non-toxic ingredients control pet odors and reduce allergy-causing dander. With The Pet Grooming Mitt you get “A Clean Fresh Wipe Every Time.”


    • Grooming mitt for all pets
    • Alternative to a bath
    • Wipes away dirt and odors
    • Antibacterial & hypo-allergenic
    • Eco-Friendly

    Veterinarian Approved For Daily Use

    Aqua, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Benzalkonium Chloride, Dimethicone, Polysorbate-20, Capryly/Capryl Glucoside, Parfum