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    The Art of Mastering The Perfect Blowout

    It is time to drop your weekly hair appointment to the salon, and pick up the blow dryer yourself! You know what they say, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Okay so maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but what if your favorite hair dresser is on vacation and you have an important date? It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep these skills in your pocket for a rainy day. Mastering the perfect blowout isn’t as hard as you think. Check out my tips below! The perfect blowout starts in…

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    @NexxusHair Pro-Mend Split End Treatment Daily Conditioner

    As a beauty blogger, it is so difficult to pick favorites! When I finally tried Nexxus® Pro-Mend Split End Treatment Daily Conditioner, it has become a real staple in my bathroom. This conditioner is creamy, dreamy and moisturizing. It smells like cotton candy and my ends are smooth and friendly.   I only learned recently how to put conditioner on perfectly… First you put it from the bottom up and then you should massage it into your hair, twisting and rubbing it into your hair.  I am taking care of my hair properly and I am growing it long.  Pick up this Nexxus conditioner when you see it at the drug store! What do…

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    The Sunday at DUFFY SQUARE

    Here’s how it works to be entered to win* in the Nexxus Show-Stopping Red Carpet Experience Sweepstakes: Step 1: Go to Duffy Square this Sunday June 9th from 3:00 – 4:30pm EST, dressed in their best suit or cocktail dress Step 2: Head to the Nexxus tent (NW corner of 47th and Broadway) and enter by having their photo taken on the Nexxus red carpet Step 3: Listen for their name to be called at 5PM on the big stage at Duffy Square. If it’s called, then they plus one guest win!   Prize includes: §  Hair styling with Nexxus Creative Director, Kevin Mancuso immediately after draw §  Full makeup application §  Personal limo for the evening §  Opportunity to walk the red carpet at…

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    @NexxusHair Youth Renewal

    Nexuss has a new line called Youth Renewal™, its first anti-aging hair care line!  Want the hair you had when you were a baby? Like before you bleached, dyed, permed, straightened and tortured it  with all your experimentation? then now Keep your hair youthful! You might not be able to turn back time but there are now products that are anti aging and it fights eight visible signs of aging hair including: 1.      Volume Loss 2.       Breakage 3.       Less shine 4.       Roughness  5.       Dryness 6.       Brittleness 7.       Unruliness 8.       Loss of color vibrancy The full Youth Renewal Product Collection includes: ·         Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Shampoo, $14.99 ·         Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Conditioner, $19.99 ·         Nexxus® Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Elixir, $17.99 ·         Nexxus® Youth Renewal™…

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    @NexxusHair Hydra-Light for my Smooth Light Asian Hair

    I am always open to trying new hair products and even ones made for different ethnicity hair. From my experimentation, I have learned that heavy heavy conditioners weigh my hair down, makes it look greasy and even makes my forehead break out. So maybe my hair isn’t as dry and damaged as I thought. I know that dry hair requires moisture (aka water) but not oils so when I discovered Nexxus Hydra-Light, I was eager to see how it would transform my tresses. 1. The Hydra Light Shampoo has the most beautiful bottle that is an irridescent pearly baby blue. The actual shampoo is clear and very suddy. I love the…

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    @NexxusHair Humectress Conditioner

    The Claim: ($14.99) An all-time favorite Nexxus shampoo, Nexxus Salon Hair Care’s Ultimate Moisture products work to replenish vital moisture and revitalize dry, damaged hair. Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisture Conditioner is a rich, hydrating conditioner that restores and maintains hair’s proper moisture balance by transporting moisturizing ingredients into the innermost structure of the hair. Deep hydrating emollients deliver instant moisture to improve elasticity and luster and smoothing ingredients add manageability, smoothing and softening benefits. What I thought: Lately I haven’t colored my hair and decided to try a new conditioner to see how it would feel. Some conditioners I have used for my color treated hair was now becoming too…

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