3 New Cold Weather Dog Treats @ilovemyk10 @preschoice


The weather outside is frightful!  I mean it isn’t THAT cold compared to seasonal norms but it is cold enough for you to say brrr and cut your walks short and make sure your naps are long. We are all in hoodies to stay cozy… With the change in weather, here are a few treats that can help you and your dog make it to the muddy spring!

1. K10+ Calming Formula – You mix this with water!  Similar to EmergenC for humans, this is a supplement to calm your dog (cabin fever anyone!!) of any anxiety. This is great for extended nap time, before unfamiliar guests come over, travel and just to relax your dog.  It comes in small little packets and they are easy to use. Just open and put into the water.

I put 1 packet in this water bowl. You can see the water turns a lemony yellow with bits floating. My dog drank it no problem… Vitamin Water for Dogs!

K-10+ is a line of soluble water vitamins where different formulas address various purposes in dog health – This one is calming but there are also ones for senior dogs, multivitamins and Glucosamine.

2. Betsy Farms Natural Chicken Jerky – Betsy Farms™ offers a line of high-quality jerky recipe treats that dogs love. Each product is made in the U.S.A. with wholesome ingredients sourced in America (all poultry is raised in the U.S.A.). The delicious treats are available in three varieties, including chicken, duck and turkey. Each product is made with real meat and provides protein that all dogs need. Theline is available exclusively at Sam’s Club and Walmart.

*Chicken, Barley, Tapioca, Chicken Liver, Vegetable Glycerin, Pea Protein, Corn Protein Concentrate, Dried Whey, Poultry Fat, Potassium Sorbate (preservative), Salt, Lactic Acid, Hickory Smoke Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative), Rosemary Extract, Colored With Annatto Extract”

As you all know, Jacob is really picky with treats and he LOVED the Betsey Farms Natural Jerky.  It is nice to have a hearty treat during the winter instead of a cold dry dog biscuit!  They don’t  I give one of these to him before bed and it sends him right off to puppy dreamland.



3. PC Nutrition First Dog Chicken Strips for Heart & Eyes –  My mom brought these for Jacob on her last trip and they have lasted a long time!  You can get it at any Superstore or Loblaws. They are real chicken strips and made in Thailand. There are only 3 ingredients: Chicken, Vitamin A Acetate, L-Carnitine.  The shape of these look just like a piece of chicken and none of the pieces are identical so I know they are not mass produced.  Jacob loves these too!

photo 2

Excuse the slobber!photo 1

 Treat taste testing is exhausting – Now time to hibernate until spring!